Today's Moral Relativism Update...... Two Moms Are Better Than A Mom And Dad.

B U L L S K I T T L E S……. I repeat:  B O V I N E – E X C R E M E N T.

In a new study published in the online edition of the journal Pediatrics on June 7, researchers found children born to and raised by lesbian couples were better off socially, academically and more competent than their peers.


Co-investigators of the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Survey (NLLFS), Nanette Gartrell, MD and Henny Bos, PhD, began following 154 pregnant lesbians between 1986-92 to create the world’s “largest, longest running, prospective, longitudinal study of same-sex-parented families.”

The researchers set out to follow the babies from conception to adulthood and to date 93% of the families are still participating in the study that includes interviews, questionnaires and Achenbach’s Child Behavior Checklists. (CBCL).


The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Survey ?!?

OK, it’s gotta be some sort of a bizarre joke being played on………. Gasp !  ‘Taint no joke.


I repeat yet again…….. T A U R E A U – M E R D E.

This is agenda-driven, moral-relativism on steroids, run up ON PURPOSE to destroy what is natural and normal.

Checklists and other assorted statist requirements to raise a kid, surveys who’s results become mandates for parental deeds…… and much more.

Here’s your checklist:

1.  The International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect.
2.  The UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child.
3.  GLSEN and that reprobate Kevin Jennings on The White House Staff.
4.  Also, that other dude at 1600 and his love of the “nudge”.  (Yeah…… Him too.)

It’s all in play here.

— — — — — —

Quick……… Somebody find The National Latitudinal Lesbian Family Survey.  I bet it’s 90 degrees to the left of the Longitudinal research.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist that last bit.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us