The Second Amendment, The United Nations And You.

The latest release from The National Rifle Association’s Institute For Legislative Action:

The Biennial Meeting Of States, And The Arms Trade Treaty.


Two major meetings, possibly affecting American gun owners’ rights, will occur at the United Nations (UN) in New York over the next several weeks.  They are the Fourth Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms in all its Aspects, (“BMS4”) June 14-18, and the Arms Trade Treaty Preparatory Committee (“ATT Prep. Com.”) July 12-23.  The NRA will be fully and actively involved in these meetings.

The BMS4 is a continuation of the so-called “Programme of Action” (POA) adopted by the UN at a conference in 2001.  Anti-gun groups saw the original POA as a vehicle for UN gun bans, registration schemes and other radical proposals.  The U.S., through the efforts of Ambassador John Bolton, forced the removal of provisions targeting privately-owned firearms from the  POA.  It was not able to stop the POA itself, and the UN holds “Biennial” meetings every two years to keep the POA alive.  Heavily-funded anti-gun groups will again attempt to get the UN and its member states to target the right to arms at the BMS4.  A Mexican diplomat will chair the meeting and Mexico, which blames its crime problems on the U.S., is now pushing for more gun control in America.  Anti-gun, anti-U.S. measures could well be on the table.

The ATT Prep. Com. is the continuation of a process started years ago and scheduled to end in a four-week international conference in 2012.  There is no draft treaty at this time.  However, anti-gun groups see the ATT as a means to impose worldwide gun control through the treaty process.  If ratified, a treaty has the force of law in the U.S., so anti-gun groups could score major victories without going through the usual domestic political process.  Treaties do not trump the Constitution, but interpretation of the Constitution is in the hands of federal judges and justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, where the Second Amendment had only a one-vote margin of safety in the 2008 Heller decision.

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For the next few weeks and beyond, I guarantee you will see and hear all sorts of guessing, rumor, veiled threats, hysterical gun-grabbing whiners, along with innuendo (and maybe even some ‘outuendo’) from all over the place.

Some of the abjectly false and dangerous missives and reports will be generated by the dark side of the force – the left – in an effort to incite normal law-abiding citizens into a total freak-out mode.

The current administration in Washington DC would love nothing better than to have their crisis too good to waste in order to somehow, some way, make the attempt at disarming American citizens.  People like Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, along with their staffs (and of course the media) will be a huge factor in the misinformation campaign you will witness and be subject to.

If you didn’t know about these conferences, it would seem as if all of a sudden, several ‘totally unrelated’ sets of a mix of deadly circumstances on the street and anti-gun rallies will arise, combined with seemingly innocuous and ‘genuinely concerned’ speeches and statements by the anti-2A folks in elected offices from Congress on down to your local city council’s ombudsman’s next-door neighbor’s brother-in-law’s third-cousin’s hairdresser’s ex-boyfriend’s uncle who’s a computer tech who saw on somebody’s being-repaired PC that someone has the ‘rock-solid supposition’ that every nation on Earth, led by Lichtenstein is about to invade America in a Red Dawn scenario because our Dictator In Training Pants signed that insane exec order giving Interpol free reign here in The Land Of The Big PX.

It’s common knowledge that our lovely and gracious Secretary Of State has already agreed to the UN Small Arms Treaty and has made the offhanded ‘promise’ multiple times that it will be put in place here via The Senate.  www.un.org/disarmament

It is also common knowledge that The United States is already part and parcel of C.I.F.T.A., but that it has not yet been taken up by The US Senate for ratification.  Our lovely and gracious Secretary Of State’s husband took care of that treaty approval and sign off during his presidency.    www.oas.org/juridico/english/arms.htm

So what to do ?

Simple:  Stay alert, check all sources yourself and avoid ‘going off’ on the slightest thing you hear or read without checking all sources yourself and avoiding “going off” in the process.

I’m nowhere near ‘the excitable young lad’ from back in my early ‘career’ here at Red State.  But I am acutely aware of what’s happening and it’s not good for our immediate future, let alone our children and theirs to come on many levels, not just the freedom to speak one’s mind and defend one’s self and family.

Can you imagine what it will be like when/if the current administration gets a 5-4 tilt in The Supreme Court Of The United States ?

Kenny Solomon
South Flori-duh.
Armed American Jew.
Never again means NEVER AGAIN !
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“The framers of our Constitution knew that the government should never have a monopoly on force, that’s why they articulated our God given right to self defense and ensured the right to keep and bear arms was written in our Bill of Rights.  Let’s not forget, George Washington didn’t use his right to free speech to defeat the British.  He shot them.”……… ‘Captain Dave’ Funk ; Candidate, Iowa CD-3.