“I can’t swim down and plug the hole. I can’t suck it up with a straw.”

Our Dictator In Training Pants has a bit of a…….. well…… he has a bit of a…………. a video…. yeah, that’s it….. A VIDEO.

Jim Hoft has it too over at Gateway Pundit (……….Thanks, Jim.  You probably have no idea the impact your site makes…… and if you do, thanks Jim.)………………

“I can’t swim down and plug the hole.  I can’t suck it up with a straw.”


U n b e l i e v e a b l e.

U n – b e – d  a m n e d – l i e v e a b l e.

— — — — — — —

Dear Jihadist At 1600:

It’s not about you.

There’s a company that could have had this fixed in literally a few days, maybe a week or two tops……. But you wouldn’t ever think of calling them, right ?  I wonder why ?  (By the way, just in case you ever do think of contacting them, make sure you spell it right — Two L’s — H A L L I B U R T O N.)

The Saudi’s offered to help.  So did The Netherlands and many other nations and corporations.

You said no – repeatedly – and continue to do so.

Why ?

There’s also a company right here in the USA (in Maine) with literally miles of oil containment booms in their warehouse.  You AND British Petroleum won’t return their calls.

Why ?

Some folks think that you, your administration and those who own all of you lock stock and Quran WANT this mess to continue and expand to a complete and total disaster that will indeed “fundamentally transform The United States”.

— — — — —

So then………

We all know who’s ass to kick.

That’s about right, Mr. Obama.

We all know who’s ass to kick….. Even many of the folks who made a grave nation-killing error in voting for you and your administration to (Where have we heard this before ?) “fundamentally transform The United States” are (barely) starting to wake up.

I’d continue to call you Mr. President, but you’ve about 90% destroyed the office and what it represents.  So for now, I’ll call you “Mr”……. That’s 10% of the salutation.  You’ve got to earn the rest back….. One letter at a time.



Added 1:30pm 12 June 2010


Doug Ross reports a No-Fly Zone over the entire oiled area of The Gulf……….


The most transparent administration ever closes air traffic over Gulf spill and coastal area to….. ummmmm…… secure safety of cleanup workers.

— — — — — —

Mr. Ross has the official FAA link and map.



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