Obama Promises $400 Million To "Palestine".

Video report from Reuters via The Age (Melbourne Australia):




President Barack Obama Wednesday pledged unwavering commitment to forge significant progress in the Middle East this year, despite the furor whipped up by Israel’s raid on a Gaza aid flotilla.

Welcoming Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to the White House, Obama promised the “full weight” of US diplomacy on the latest crisis and to push Israelis and Palestinians out of a “dead end” and into direct peace talks.

He also unveiled 400 million US dollars of US aid for Gaza, to be spent on housing, education and infrastructure, calling the situation there “unsustainable” but warned a Palestinian state was the only long-term solution.


Here’s how the headlines should read:  President Jihadist Promises $400 Million To “Palestine”…….. US Tax Dollars To Fund Israeli/Jewish Genocide.

And of course, there was a photo op at The White House with Obama and Abbas.  Did you expect anything less ?

I guess that’s considered “significant progress”.

I’d expand on today’s ‘meeting of like minds’, the funding and offer further commentary, but it’s a sure bet I’d be banned from RedState instantly.

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There is one thing though……..

A fast note to that special 78% of “my people” here in what used to be America:  Don’t.

Don’t what, Kenny ?

Just don’t.


…….and completely unrelated to anything whatsoever…….

H/T Jim Hoft at gateway Pundit.

Taliban Executes 7 Year-Old Child For Spying.


The Times of India reported:

Suspected Taliban militants executed a seven-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan after accusing him of spying for the government, a provincial official said Wednesday.

The child was captured by the militants in Sangin district of southern province of Helmand Tuesday, Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

“The militants killed the seven-year-old boy in Heratiyan village of the district, on charges of espionage for Afghan government,” Ahmadi said, citing information provided to police by relatives.

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I can’t………………………….


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