The United States Of America Officially Condemns Israel.

Video of United States Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton on CNN……..


That’s about the size of it.

Obama, Rahm, Hillary, Harold Koh, Samantha Power and the rest…….. Elections have consequences.

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I figure there’s just maybe a week (two at most) before a few things happen:

1.  At the next ‘totally and completely unprovoked incident’, The United States will cut off all military aid to Israel and ‘temporarily suspend’ other aid.

2.  The United States will then threaten to stop Israel from ‘committing any more acts of aggression’, moving at least one carrier group closer in, with 24/7 CAP cover looking for IDF/IAF movement.

3.  ‘Something rather large’ is going to happen within Israel’s borders and it will be a known attacker – proud to publicize the event to the world.

4.  The United States and many other nations, once somewhat friendly to Israel, will immediately point the tip of the spear directly at Israel to prevent any retaliation.

5.  It will be open season on Jews world-wide, much more than the ‘isolated incidents totally unrelated to anything anywhere’.

6.  What happens here in The US is anybody’s guess, but it won’t be good.

The fuse is lit……….. The crisis too good to waste.

Kenny Solomon
Heavily armed.
Never again means NEVER AGAIN !
Molon Labe.