UK - Parliament dissolved - General elections on May 6th - Liberal Democrats platform: "Change" and "Fairness".


UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: “It will come as no surprise to all of you, and it’s probably the least well kept secret of recent years but the queen has kindly agreed to the dissolution of parliament and a general election will take place on May 6.”


Three things you should know…..

1. The entire UK Parliament has been dissolved due to ultra-political correctness and appeasing evil.

2. The Liberal Democrats are campaigning on the platform of ‘Change’…… I kid you not……. From the article linked above, here’s Nick Clegg, party leader for the Liberal Democrats: “Now is the time for all those people who want real change and real fairness in Britain to choose something different and turn to the Liberal Democrats.”

3. A certain peace-loving group in The UK will strive to have their own people, or those highly sympathetic to them, running in EVERY parliamentary section for every seat and all leadership positions.

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“Nudge” is now shove at The Tower Of London…… The UK has one chance to survive…… One…… And that chance is exactly one month from today.

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Follow along with The Times Of London:  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics

Note:  The Times Of London becomes a pay site for all content as of June 1st.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us