Fourteen of Obama's most favored nations......... Plus....... The UK 'reconsidering' arms sales to Israel.

I’ve got about twenty-five news links from different sources over the past few days, each more screwed up than the one before.

I’ll leave it at these two for now….

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The Obama administration has canceled airport security restrictions on 14 terror-related countries, including American Muslim allies such as Saudi Arabia. Instead, the United States is relying on “real-time” intelligence to prevent terrorist attacks in the air.


‘Terror-Prone’ US Allies Force Obama to Relax Airport Security.

Several of the terror-related Muslim countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Algeria, are allied with the United States in its war against the international Al-Qaeda network and have successfully pressured the Obama administration to cancel the strict regulations.

Other countries whose citizens no longer will automatically have to undergo stricter security measures are Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Cuba.

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The only ones singled out will be people like us……

……Typical bitter God-clinging gun owning tea-bagging racist homophobic 30-story-tall rock-throwing violence-prone Conservatives and Republicans.

If this isn’t “giving aid and comfort to the enemy ” and a failure “to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States “, then somebody better explain to me what it is.

Oh wait…… I know what it is……. “Change we can believe in. ”

Think there’s problems here now ?……. Just wait until the first ‘man-caused disaster’ happens and watch things in America get ‘frozen.’.

(Emphasis above is mine.)


Britain is reconsidering its policy of selling weapons to the State of Israel, and it has yet to end legal proceedings for arresting Israeli leaders.


The British government is also reconsidering its policy of selling weapons to the State of Israel. A report published this week by the House of Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls said it was “almost certainly” the case that British weapons were used during the Gaza war. The counterterrorism operation was launched to quell the thousands of ceaseless rocket attacks fired at civilians in Israel’s southern communities, most intensively following Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.

The country has yet to close a legal loophole that enables the arrest of Israeli military and political leaders if they enter the country, an issue that has dogged the heels of diplomats since the end of Operation Cast Lead. Palestinian Authority Arab representatives are still able to charge Israeli leaders with involvement in possible war crimes in the Gaza war more than a year ago, despite vows by London officials that they would close the loophole enabling such action.

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This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the incredible level of infiltration and high-sitting Muslim officials into The Home Office and The Foreign Office, can it ?

Naaaaaah……… That’s just me being over the edge again, right ?

Y’all do some research on your own.  I’m not gonna list it all here……. Too much bandwidth needed and I’m not in the mood – it’s Easter Sunday.

Israel needs to circle the wagons……. Today……. They’ve got one official ‘friend’……. One……. Themselves.

‘My people’ are out of options.

It’s time to git-r-done.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
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