[Updated]..... Stranded coal carrier threatens Great Barrier Reef.


11:29 am Australian time, Monday 5 April 2010.

Stranded coal carrier threatens Great Barrier Reef.

Australian authorities were attempting to stabilise a stranded Chinese coal carrier which is threatening to break up on the Great Barrier Reef and spill more oil into the pristine waters.

The Shen Neng 1 ran aground on Saturday when it hit a shoal off the eastern state of Queensland at full speed, rupturing a fuel tank and causing a three-kilometre (almost two mile) long slick on the World Heritage site.


Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said salvage teams were on board and assessing how they might be able to refloat the carrier.


Bligh said the vessel was in a restricted zone of the Great Barrier Reef which was “totally off limits” to shipping and the ship’s Chinese owners could be fined up to one million US dollars (around 920,000 US) and the captain handed a 250,000 dollar penalty.


Anybody out there thinking this might have been on purpose ?

Crazier stuff has happened.


Original diary below……..


Australia, Saturday, April 3rd, approximately 5pm local time….. A Chinese tanker with 975 metric tons of oil runs aground on The Great Barrier Reef…….

Australia, Monday April 5th, approximately 1:30am…….. So far, the spill is over 3 kilometers long and wider than a soccer field.

The ME-dia, Green-Commie-Peace, and the rest, including his royal heinie-arse Algore are silent………. Not a sound to be heard, not a discouraging word……… The Aussies seem to be on it though.


Maritime authorities are racing to disperse an oil spill stretching three kilometres along the Great Barrier Reef.

The Chinese-owned, 230 metre-long bulk coal carrier Shen Neng 1, ran aground about 70 kilometres east of Great Keppel Island shortly after 5pm on Saturday, sparking a national oil spill response plan.

A second dose of chemical dispersants was to be sprayed over the spill, which measures 3000 metres by 100 metres, Maritime Safety Queensland has confirmed.


Chinese owned tanker…….. Media silence….. The left is nowhere to be seen, neither is Greenpeace or ELF…….. Birds chirping at the most.

But………. If this was an American oil company owned tanker, I bet it would be front page above-the-fold news, non-stop for a week at minimum.

You’d get stuff like…………. Oh mother earth, hear our call…….. This is Algore speaking on behalf of everyone…………. Planet-killing American capitalist oil billionaires like Teh Eeeevil Booooooooooosh have damaged your perfect playground beyond imagination and to make things worse, for cleaning the spill, they’re using evil chemicals almost assuredly from another evil American capitalist corporation that tested their horrendous potions while eating babies and advertising on NASCAR races………. I’d go there to help, but my private jet is down for maintenance and the hydraulic oi…………… Oh.

‘Bout sums it up nicely, yes ?

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