Two News Items For 25 March 2010........ BrandKarma Is In Business and The Democrats Have Just Added 41 New Voters.

BrandKarma…… a.k.a., Baseline world-wide social justice on the interwebby thingamajig.

Can’t you just picture the love in the air here ?


The wisdom of the crowds as well as its collective buying power is being harnessed to reward companies that treat the planet and workers well and punish those that don’t. A web-based service (www.brandkarma.com) created by an Australian launches this week to enable shoppers to vote on which companies treat their staff, customers, suppliers, investors and the environment the best.


A US-based service called Carrotmob is gaining traction with its co-ordinated grassroots efforts that leverage consumer power.  In October its Australian debut attracted 200 people who shopped exclusively at a Surry Hills supermarket that had pledged 20 per cent of its sales to go towards the “greening” of the store. More such events are planned.

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The first thing everybody using the service will offer commentary on, is that the companies mentioned would be really top-notch if they’d go even greener and reject all employee business travel on evil aircraft, have only electric cars in the inventory, the office buildings use rainwater catchers for all drinking fountains and in-house/contract catering is certified 100% organic, vegan and ‘green’ in it’s production.

The next thing everybody using the service will offer commentary on, is that the companies mentioned would be much better received in the public eye if all their workers would get into a really swell union…… One that’s out there in the forefront of being there for the little people and have fantastic bright colors for their logo t-shirts (like purple).

The third thing everybody using the service will offer commentary on, is that the companies mentioned would be much better off if at least 60% of their executives pay would be offered to a charity – completely voluntary, of course.  Charities that offer very private medical services for teenage girls and other charities that make sure politicians are on the side of the workers would be preferred.

I think it’s a good idea for me to stop opining on this one topic right about now.


Congratulations Democrats! A whole bunch of brand new voters in your ranks !

Voters ?…….  Heck with that…… Candidates !


Forty one inmates escaped from a prison on Mexico’s northern border and two guards also disappeared.

The state government of Tamaulipas said the inmates escaped from the jail in the Mexican city of Matamoros, across from Brownsville in the US state of Texas.  Most of the prisoners had been detained for federal crimes, including organized crime and drug trafficking.

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Which way did they go, George ?…….. Which way did they go ?!?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… This a-way !

Thanks a lot, George…. Thanks….. A…….. Lot………………………. I done it !…. I caught a train !…. All by myself I caught a train I did !!

We need a bit of a voyage into reality, so I must ask…… Is anyone seeing this in the mainstr…………… Hey look……. The NCAA Sweet 16 is on !

Cheers !

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