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Now that I’ve piqued your somewhat ill-advised curiosity on that header mess………

I’d suggest not having any weapons or sharp implements nearby.

You may hurt someone or damage something valuable.


Giving Away The New-Kew-Lahr Store.


Russia and the United States have agreed “all the documents” for a successor to a landmark nuclear disarmament treaty and will likely sign it in Prague, a Kremlin source told AFP on Wednesday.


Mikhail Margelov, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the upper house of Russia’s parliament, confirmed Wednesday that the text of the new nuclear agreement was ready.


“A political compromise has been reached,” Margelov said.

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America is screwed, blued and tattooed.


Jimmy Carter Wants Obama To Remove Hamas From Terror List.

No, not a typo.


The Obama Administration should remove Hamas from the terrorist list, former President Jimmy Carter told media following his visit to Gaza today. He said he plans on pushing for the change when he meets with U.S. officials on Thursday to discuss his latest trip to the Middle East.

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Nah……. I can’t…….. I’ll get banned from RedState.


251 Times……. I’ll Repeat……. He Stabbed His Wife TWO HUNDRED FIFTY ONE TIMES.


Original article from BNO News, Netherlands (translated)……….

A Queens, New York man pleaded guilty to stabbing his wife to death, prosecutors said Friday.

Mohammad Solaiman, 51, of Jamaica, Queens who worked as a bus boy at a diner, stabbed his wife, Shahida Sultanna, 32, multiple times throughout her body, killing her on December 22, 2007, while their daughter was asleep.  An autopsy determined that the victim had been stabbed approximately 251 times and strangled.

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Nah……. I can’t…….. I’ll get banned from RedState on this one too.


Half-Crazy Islamic President And Nation Trusts Marxist-Jihadi President.


The United States and Pakistan on Wednesday hailed a new spirit of trust after years of uneasy cooperation, with Islamabad’s top diplomat saying that US suspicions have now evaporated.

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Hey, I know……. Let’s all have a big hug, then some hot cocoa with those little marshmallows and maybe even some whipped cream.


……But The Marxist-Jihadi President’s Secretary Of Statism Wants India To Make Peace With The Half-Crazy Islamic President And Nation.


“The issues that are part of that dialogue need to be addressed and resolution of them between the two countries would certainly be in everyone’s best interest,” she said, without explicitly mentioning Kashmir.

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……and Kashmir will spark that little problem of funny-shaped high-speed going-vertical clouds emanating from the ground after bright flashes and loud kabooms.


To paraphrase the fat big-boned kid in Colorado:

‘Hey you guys, China’s getting seriously pissed off.’


Two days after Google said it would stop censoring Internet search results for China, another kind of U.S. company cited trouble doing business there.

Two U.S. companies that sell Internet addresses to Web sites said they had stopped registering new domain names in China because the Chinese government wants pictures and other identification from their customers.

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China’s about to say something to the current administration.  Know what that something will be ?

‘Give us the money……. All of it……. Now…….. Whaddya mean you ain’t got it ?……… Get it……… Today.’


…..and speaking of The Interwebby thing here en Los Estados Unidos……


A US Senate committee on Wednesday approved a bill to try to tighten cybersecurity to better protect US government agencies and businesses from Internet threats.

The text was unanimously approved and now moves to a full Senate vote.


President Barack Obama has cited cybersecurity as a national priority and named Howard Schmidt, a former Microsoft executive, as his cybsersecurity coordinator in December.



Senators Ted Kaufman and Sam Brownback announced Wednesday the formation of The Global Internet Freedom Caucus.

The newly formed Senate caucus is designed to underscore the importance of Internet freedom globally, formalizing the efforts of a bipartisan group of senators who have been working together for more than a year to advocate for global freedom of expression through the Internet and other connective technology.

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I ain’t touchin’ this with a ten foot pole…… Or a nine foot Hungarian either.


Have you noticed that many of the links I’ve put up over the past year dealing with happenings here in the Land Of The Big PX are to an Australian Newspaper?  There’s a reason.  Think for a minute, maybe it’ll come to you.

Ooooh, look…… A sale on .223 Rem. in cases of 200.   Gotta go.

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