Waiting In The Wings.

That’s not just the title of my fav CD by Seventh Wonder…….

It’s also a way to describe what’s next on the Marxist Jihadi Administration’s agenda and a collection of news stories from around the world.

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But for starters, a bit of a love-fest, as Jim Hoft has a very interesting video clip over at Gateway Pundit.

Obama Confronted At Pep Rally By Disgruntled Unemployed Worker.


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Before you go…. Take this with you…. SMACK !



China’s Dictator Warns US Dictator Not To Politicize Currency Debate.


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Read the entire article…. You owe it to yourself…. Figuratevly and financially.

Oooooooh boy….. This is gonna get N  A  S  T  Y .


South Dakota….. Number Five Is Alive !


A fifth state – South Dakota – has decided that guns made, sold and used within its borders no longer are subject to the whims of the federal government through its rule-making arm in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and two supporters of the growing groundswell say they hope Washington soon will be taking note.  South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has signed into law his state’s version of a Firearms Freedom Act that first was launched in Montana. It already is law there, in Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming, which took the unusual step of specifying criminal penalties – including both fines and jail time – for federal agents attempting to enforce a federal law on a “personal firearm” in the Cowboy State.

According to a report in the Dakota Voice, the new South Dakota law addresses the “rights of states which have been carelessly trampled by the federal government for decades. As the federal government has radically overstepped is constitutional limitations in the past year or so, an explosion of states have begun re-asserting their rights not only with regard to firearms, but also in shielding themselves against government health care, cap and trade global warming taxes, and more,” the report said.

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Every state going forward with this type of legislation should title the bills:  The “Yes We Can” Act Of 2010.



Al Franken, John Kerry and sixteen other Senators challenge FDA ban on homosexual men donating blood.


While the Obama Administration and its “progressive” supporters in Congress insist they want a federal health care bill to protect people from deadly diseases, liberal senators led by John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) have pressured the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into considering lifting the ban on male homosexuals donating blood. It’s a decision that could mean disease and death for many Americans, and billions of dollars in additional health care costs.

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…..and in their ‘change’ of policy within the new death panel health care legislation, the donated blood will only be given to typical bitter God-clinging gun-owning tea-baggers, Conservatives and Republicans.


Presidential Memorandum– Deferred Enforced Departure For Liberians.


Since 1991, the United States has provided safe haven for Liberians who were forced to flee their country as a result of armed conflict and widespread civil strife, in part through granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The armed conflict ended in 2003 and conditions improved such that TPS ended effective October 1, 2007. President Bush then deferred the enforced departure of the Liberians originally granted TPS. I extended that grant of Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) to March 31, 2010. I have determined that there are compelling foreign policy reasons to again extend DED to those Liberians presently residing in the United States under the existing grant of DED.

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Who (or what) are they protecting and why ?

With the current administration, things like this don’t appear out of thin air.


The Legal Director of The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is now The Senior Advisor for TSA’s Office of Civil Rights and Liberties.


His name is Nawar Shora.

Nice puff piece……. Hey…… If and when The WaPo ever ends up doing some actual journalism again, call me.

In the mean time……..


Back in March in 2003,  with America still reeling from the 911  jihadi attacks on America – there was a major investigation of the The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), based in Herndon, Virginia. Shora was on scene.

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Nothing to see here…… Move along.


Hillary Clinton’s 2008 National Campaign Finance Manager Guilty Of $292 Million In Bank Fraud.

Hassan Nemazee pleaded guilty today to charges of defrauding Bank of America, N.A. (“BofA”), Citibank, N.A. (“Citibank”), HSBC Bank USA, N.A. (“HSBC”), and a longtime friend and business associate of a total of more than $290 million in loan proceeds.


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Hassan Nemazee….. Is that an Italian name ?….. Polish ?…..  Norwegian ?

Ahhhhhh, never mind….. Nothing to see here either….. Keep moving along.


Pakistan and Iran sitting in a tree g a s s i n g (up).


Iran and Pakistan have signed an agreement for the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

Officials said the agreement to begin the $7.6 billion project stipulated the pumping of 750 million cubic feet of gas per day by 2015.

They said the pipeline would move through Pakistan and reach India.

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Funny……. The article seemed to stop there…….. I’ll continue that last sentence.

They said the pipeline would move through Pakistan and reach India….. Where the true aim of the agreement would come to fruition ; A means to ensure ease of troop movement for the Pak-Iranian invasion of India after India’s main cities are nuked.


Obama urges Senate action on finance reform.


US President Barack Obama on Saturday urged senators to pass a comprehensive overhaul of the US financial system that would include a new agency to protect consumers from Wall Street’s excesses.

“And I promise to use every tool at my disposal to see these reforms enacted: to ensure that the bill I sign into law reflects not the special interests of Wall Street, but the best interests of the American people.”

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Read his statement as:  ‘I will exec. order everything I feel like and you can’t do anything about it……. Well…….. You can……. But you won’t.’

Hey, Mr. President…… Please don’t talk about your people like that….. using every tool.  Some of them are using you the same way.


……and lastest but certainly not leastest……

It’s no fun being an illegal alien…… Until now that is.

I think he means it too………. Statement by the President Praising the Bipartisan Immigration Reform Framework.


In June, I met with members of both parties, and assigned Secretary Napolitano to work with them and key constituencies around the country to craft a comprehensive approach that will finally fix our broken immigration system. I am pleased to see that Senators Schumer and Graham have produced a promising, bipartisan framework which can and should be the basis for moving forward.  It thoughtfully addresses the need to shore up our borders, and demands accountability from both workers who are here illegally and employers who game the system.

My Administration will be consulting further with the Senators on the details of their proposal, but a critical next step will be to translate their framework into a legislative proposal, and for Congress to act at the earliest possible opportunity.

I congratulate Senators Schumer and Graham for their leadership, and pledge to do everything in my power to forge a bipartisan consensus this year on this important issue so we can continue to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform.

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No you can’t.

Want a real problem on your hands ?

Then…… No.

No you can’t.


Americans, armed with The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights.

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No apologies to those left-wing moonbats Lennon & McCartney…..

My rights are being stripped away from me.
Once illegal now they’ve all gone free,
Oh why did we grant Amnesty ?

America’s half of what it used to be.
A deep dark shadow’s hanging over us,
We’ve all been thrown right under the bus.

Why The Constitution got sick,
They wouldn’t say.
We need The Left to be gone really quick,
Like yesterday………

My Rights were always coming out with me.
Now they hide and some have gone to sea.
Oh why did we grant Amnesty ?

Altered lyrics ©2010 Swiss Navy Productions/K L Solomon.

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Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us