Do you remember ?....... Twenty Years Ago, Lithuania Was The First Charge Lit Off In The Iron Curtain's Rusty Implosion.

Today, Lithuania Celebrates And Remembers.


Soviet-era dissident leader Vytautas Landsbergis — post-communist Lithuania’s first president — received a standing ovation.

“Many considered them just day-dreamers, but their numbers swelled,” said Landsbergis, 77, of those who joined his Sajudis freedom movement founded in 1988.

“After 50 years of violent oppression, Lithuania was pursuing its dream,” he said.


I remember.

I remember the fear I had, as the Communists were capable of literally anything, up to and including killing everyone in Lithuania ‘just to make a point’…… and the world might have been set on fire for that.

I remember the visible and inner joy the people of Lithuania showed, knowing they took on The Bear and won their nation back.

I remember America the next morning, saying a big ‘howdy ho’ to her newly liberated Eastern European neighbor and offering the hand of friendship and support.

I remember about a week or so later seeing photos of newly-made Lithuanian flags on every grave at many a cemetery ; Relatives, friends and total strangers, standing and on their knees in tears of honor, pride and yes, sadness for what could have been, but for evil set loose on their homeland.

Today, I ‘hope’ for the chance to remember even a slight acknowledgment of that incredible ‘change’ in freedom’s history from the current President Of The United States, his Secretary Of State and the American media.

Sadly, I am aware that any official acknowledgment from America will be sent on the wings of a rainbow-colored Unicorn resting on a prayer mat made of pixie dust.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us