Florida Residents: Our State's 1st Circuit Court Of Appeals Says You Do NOT Have A Right To Be Heard At Government Meetings.

I heard this on a local talk show earlier this afternoon and honestly thought it was a joke.

Couldn’t find anything online about it, even at the Florida DCA website going through the current opinion links.

I finally found it via AP and a very short, very basic article.

It’s not a joke.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — (AP) — An appeal court says Florida’s Sunshine Law gives citizens a right to be present but not heard at meetings of government panels.   A three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal on Wednesday rejected citizen claims that Community Maritime Park Associates in Pensacola violated the law by refusing to let them speak.

Although a private organization, the panel is covered by the open meetings provision of the Sunshine Law because the city has given it authority to oversee the development of a waterfront park.   Citing a 1969 Florida Supreme Court ruling on the issue, the appeal court noted it would be more appropriate for the citizens to ask the Legislature to change the law.

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Did the 1st Amendment get cancelled and nobody bothered to let anyone know ?

Hey, my local governments……… Um………… Yeah………… Try and stop me.

I’m calm…… I’m not worried either.  This will never stand at the State’s Supreme Court.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us
A South Florida-based patriots organization.