Obama allows internet technology exports to Iran, Cuba and Sudan.


Washington will allow technology companies to export Internet services to Iran, Cuba and Sudan in a bid to exploit their libertarian potential, The New York Times reported late Sunday.

“The more people have access to a range of Internet technology and services, the harder it’s going to be for the Iranian government to clamp down on their speech and free expression,” a senior administration official told the paper.  The Treasury Department will issue a general license Monday for exports of free personal Internet services such as instant messaging, chat and photo sharing as well as software to all three countries, said the unnamed official.

The move will allow Microsoft, Yahoo and other Internet services providers to get around strict export restrictions, the report said.  Until now they had resisted offering such services for fear of violating existing sanctions.  But there have been growing calls in Congress and elsewhere to lift the restrictions, particularly after Iran’s post-election protests illustrated the power of Internet-based services such as Facebook and Twitter, The Times said.


Nothing could go wrong…….. Nothing at all.  Not even with IP tracking like Google uses to flag all dissent content to the current administration here.  Nope.  No problem whatsoever giving this technology to any other nation on the entire planet.

Sanctions on Iran and other totalitarian nations ?  What sanctions ?  We ain’t go no sanctions….. I ain’t got to show you any stinking sanctions !

Each of these new technology purchases undoubtedly comes complete with US taxpayer-financed financial subsidies to cut buyer’s costs and also a personal bow from The Jihadist At 1600 (depending on purchase level, at least on a video presentation, if not in person for ‘the more important clients’. ).

But hey, none of that is really important…….. Look over there, it’s The Academy Awards ‘red carpet’ show….. See what all the folks are wearing and enjoy their oh-so-educated political commentary.

And look over that other way….. American Idol is on !

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us
A South Florida-based patriots organization.