The Congressional Budget Office Says To Obama: You Lie !..... At least $1.2 Trillion more than before.

US deficit tops Obama forecast by 1.2 trillion dollars.

….and that’s BEFORE any of the death-panel ‘health care’ kicks in, cap & trade become part of the landscape (pun intended), another ‘stimulus’ package takes more money from you and turns it into mush, amnesty for all illegal aliens is put to the test and God knows what else they have cooked up.


The US government budget deficit for the next decade is expected to be wider by 1.2 trillions US dollars than projected by President Barack Obama’s administration, estimates by Congress showed Friday. Under Obama’s latest budget projections, the cumulative deficit over the 2011-2020 period was 8.532 trillion US dollars.

But the Congressional Budget Office estimated Friday the deficit would snowball to 9.761 trillion US dollars.
The CBO expects a deficit “1.2 trillion US dollars greater over the 2011-2020 period than what the administration anticipates under the president’s budget,” CBO director Douglas Elmendorf said in a report Friday.


Hey, pssssst….. c’mere…… I got sumptin’ fer ya.

Take what’s happened monetarily in the first year of the current US administration separately from everything else that’s gone on before 20 January 2009……. That alone is completely unsustainable by any nation……. Now, add that to our nation’s previous debt total and the extra 1.2 trillion just added today doesn’t really matter…….. because……… Lemme pose this to you:

Let’s say there’s a nameless administration that has no intention of trying to fix things and get it’s nation back on any sort of responsible economic track, but instead has every intention of purposefully collapsing the nation’s economy solely to generate a ‘crisis too good to waste’ in order to clamp down on everything and exert total command and control.  Then why would that nameless administration care if the national deficit is 8.532 trillion, 9.761 trillion or even 745.914 trillion dollars ?

I have a feeling that nine-point-whatever trillion dollar deficit is going to be the low point of the annual number within a very short time, not the total over a ten year period.

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What did you say….. Gold ?


I think some of us know what’s going to be on the top ten list of the most valuable things in America…….. and gold ain’t necessarily gonna be one of ’em, not by a long shot (pun intended again).

Your real friends….. The ones you’d be sitting next to in the cell as opposed to your going there to bail ’em out……. Especially the ones who haven’t exactly been on the ball when it comes to paying attention for the past several years……. Give ’em a ring up and hit ’em with this:  One fine morning after a lazy-day breakfast, you’re about to head out to the local grocery store.  Open the front door, walk to the car and…….. instantly realize that overnight it became way too unsafe to leave your house.  What do you do ?

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Three years ago, I was called crazy for even suggesting that, but I saw it bubbling under the surface and I couldn’t figure out why.

Two years ago, I was called a racist bigoted non-inclusive right-wing hate-monger, for instantly calling someone a dangerous fakir who appeared on the national scene out of a nowhere political life-history other than Communist/racist community organizing.

Eighteen months ago when I joined RedState, I was given the Captain Picard facepalm for asking the above question (in a very detailed diary posting).

One year ago, I joined a start-up organization called DC Works For Us, that began as a local and county group to press our area and State officials simply to ensure our state (Florida) would remain on the straight and narrow path and that The Tenth Amendment meant something.  At the second meeting of the group, I asked that above question…… and was met with some awareness, some blank stares, some looks of horror and even two people literally running out of the meeting crying.

Six months ago, I offered my tech services to a Congressional Candidate (Bernard Sansaricq, FL-23), having never once been involved with any political campaign at any level.

Today, I’m asking the same question.

What will I be saying and asking six months from now ?

Truthfully, I ‘hope’ to be saying “I was wrong” because of some seriously positive ‘change’ we help bring about and asking how I can help make it even better.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us