Some news you can use to confuse those who abuse (us).

Hey Noo Yawkaz ‘n Connecticuttaz…… Youz take da train frum da house to Da Citee ?

Maybe youz hoid a diss………  Then again, with the media the way it is, maybe you haven’t……….

NYC – Metro North Railroad – 125th Street Station.
Wednesday 25 February 2010.

Amputee Arrested In “Alleged” Bomb Attempt.


An amputee missing both legs was arrested Thursday after police said he was wheeled into a busy New York City train station and planted a bomb.

The alleged device—a bag of small explosives wrapped in shotgun shells, along with bullets, glue, lug nuts, pens and a ruler—was left in a waiting area at a station in Harlem. Police later surveyed security videos to identify suspects including, Roosevelt Terry, the amputee. Police from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the Metro-North Railroad that was shut down, arrested Mr. Terry late in the afternoon.

The incident is still under investigation.


Let’s see if I can derive a dangerously divisive, borderline bannable, but yet snarky follow-up article just from past experience – without profiling of course, because that would be raaaaaaaaaaacist……… and since ‘nothing happened’ at the train station, I strongly doubt if a follow-up will ever be published, or if we’ll ever find out that………

Mr. Terry was more than likely introduced to the peace-loving faith while enjoying one of his many stays as a guest of the city and/or state at The Graybar Hotel.  How he lost his legs remains a mystery, as there are no hospitalization records since Mr. Terry doesn’t have a permanent physical address, or any ID other than his check-cashing-store receipts for his government disability, welfare, SSI, food stamps and other subsidies.  Nor is there documented proof of his deeply held knowledge that ‘the evil white man’ caused his loss all because, according to Mr. Terry, ‘America was force-created by slaves to help the evil white man take over the world and eventually put George Bush into The White House’.

How close is that gonna be ?

By the way…….. Who brought Mr. Terry into the train station ? (The article said he was wheeled in, not that he wheeled himself.)    If you don’t know……. The 125th Street Metro North Station is elevated…… Metro-North staff and police-access only to use the handicapped elevators to the station platform.




Don’t stomp on that cockroach, it may save your life and millions more.


Researchers at Texas A&M University’s Nuclear Security Science and Policy Institute have attached radiation sensors to the backs of cockroaches. They hope public-safety officials will one day send the souped-up insects into situations that are too risky for humans.

The Texas A&M University Nuclear Security Science and Policy Institute.:  http://nsspi.tamu.edu/index.php


I gotta…… can’t stop myself…….

I heard that the roaches being used in the project are all trained to eat Twinkies.
So even after a detonation, the lil’ buggers will still be around and so will their food.

Teh awesum.  😉




Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit posted the following early this morning……….

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Meets With Ahmadinejad and Assad in Syria.


Barack Obama nominated a US ambassador to Syria this past week after a 5 year absence. http://whitehouse.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/02/16/obama-breaks-hiatus-nominates-us-ambassador-to-syria

The US recalled its Ambassador in the wake of the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and speculation over Syrian involvement.

The UN investigation is still ongoing.

The BBC reported: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8539178.stm

The head of the Lebanese Shia Islamist movement Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has made a rare public appearance in the Syrian capital, Damascus.  Sheikh Nasrallah attended a dinner with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

He is under an Israeli death threat and makes very few appearances in public. When he addresses Hezbollah, he does so by video from a secret location.  Both Syria and Iran provide the group with financial and military support.


Of course The UN’s investigation is still ongoing……. because they’re having extreme difficulty trying to figure out a way to blame Hariri’s assassination on Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos and/or BushHitlerCheney.

The rest of the way, I gotta go the snarkified route, or I’ll start seriously questioning why Israel didn’t simply reduce that building to nothing more than molecules of dust in the wind, then publicly say “it’s on, bring it”.

So then………

Menu for the dinner being served:  Southern BBQ, featuring baby-back ribs, traditionally prepared collard greens and several gallons of sweet tea ‘shine.

Entertainment for the evening:  A live taping of the latest Girls Gone Wild episode to be titled ‘Sheep, Goats & Whipped Cream Floats’.




My prayers go out to the people of Chile and everyone in the path of whatever tsunami/waves are approaching their homelands.




Added ’bout 5:00pm 2-27-10

Some news from the China front…………….

—– —–  —–  —–  —–  —–

China demands ‘recount’ on who’s the boss….. Reinstated as biggest US debt holder.


China remained the top holder in the ballooning US debt last year, revised data showed, after earlier indications it had been eclipsed by Japan drew speculation about Beijing’s motives.

Revised data released late Friday by the Treasury Department indicated that while China had cut back on its bond holdings, the level was still well above that of Japan.

China held 894.8 billion US dollars in Treasury securities at the end of December, more than the 755 billion US dollars estimated earlier in the month. But it was still down from a revised 929.0 billion US dollars in November.

Japan in December held 765.7 billion US dollars in Treasury bonds, slightly down from the previous estimate of 769 billion US dollars.


That’s much better.

If they’re gonna be really mad at us, let it be for the right reason…… China can once again take their rightful place and chant ‘we’re number one’ !


Visiting ?……. Yeah, right……… Toyota’s main guy summoned to China.


Toyota president Akio Toyoda will visit China to hold a news conference on the company’s massive recall over defective car components, Jiji Press reported.

His news conference in Beijing Monday afternoon is aimed at “sending a direct message from the president to customers in the Chinese market… over the recent quality issues” affecting Toyota vehicles, Jiji reported.

—  —  —  —  —  —

Betcha didn’t know this……..

An article from August of last year:

690,000 Toyotas recalled In China…… They were made in China for the market there.


Toyota, the world’s biggest carmaker, is recalling almost 690,000 cars made in China because of faulty electrical window switches.

The recall affects the company’s Camry, Corolla, Vios and Yaris models made at two joint ventures in China – Guangzhou Auto and Tianjin FAW.


Last month, rival Japanese carmaker Honda announced it was recalling 440,000 vehicles in the US because of an airbag defect.


Quick……. China has to call Andy Stern and unionize the shops so everything instantly gets better !


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