You steal 18 tons and what do you get..... That's 16 tons..... No..... 18 tons..... of high explosives.

Anybody hear about this in the US media ?

Both articles are from The Latin American Herald Tribune:

Mexico: 18 Tons Of High Explosives Stolen.


MONTERREY – A trailer carrying 18 tons of industrial explosives was stolen Friday in northern Mexico, authorities said.

The robbery took place on the Monterrey-Saltillo highway, the Nuevo Leon state public safety secretary, Carlos Jauregi, told a press conference.

Mexican troops and federal police are searching for the stolen cargo and an alert has been declared throughout the Mexico-U.S. border region, he said.

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Somehow, the truck was recovered…. after being abandoned…. all the explosives intact.


Federal police found 18 tons of explosives that had been stolen hours earlier in northern Mexico, the federal Public Safety Secretariat said.

The industrial-use explosives were stolen by a group of unknown assailants from a tractor-trailer on a highway near the border between the states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila, prompting federal police and army soldiers to launch an operation to relocate the material.


The few other news reports that exist about this topic also implied that the theft was the work of the drug gangs.

Weeeeeelllllllll….. Isn’t this all just special !?!

The drug gangs…… 18 tons of high explosives…….. for what ?
That kind of quantity of HE wasn’t gonna be used by the drug gangs….. even if they did pull off the heist.


Two questions:

1.  Why would anyone or a group of people with nefarious repute grab 18 tons of high explosives and then simply abandon it all ?

2.  Kind of an odd coincidence how many of our peace-loving friends tend to look remarkably like many of our Latin American friends, yes ?  Oh wait…… That’s profiling…….. Never mind.


Three simple answers:

1.  This may have been a probe…… a test……. to see what both Mexico and US governments would do.  Would Mexico notify the US and if notified, would the US do anything at all.

2.  It could also be a feint…… a distraction to keep eyes and resources away from a real “transfer of materials” elsewhere.

3.  It really could be the drug gangs…… about to ramp up their ways of doing business.

Doesn’t take much to see any of those scenarios as accurate.


Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us