Netherlands Government Collapses Over Nato Request For Afghanistan Mission Extension.


The Dutch government collapsed Saturday, the prime minister said, after members of the coalition government failed to agree on a NATO request to extend the Netherlands’ military mission in Afghanistan.

“Later today, I will will offer to her majesty the Queen the resignations of the ministers and deputy ministers of the (Labour Party) PvdA,” premier Jan Peter Balkenende told journalists in the early hours.


Uh oh.

Not good.


Edit……. I was right….. I knew what was coming……. Second update added 2-20-10, 7:30am.


First update:


This was Balkenende’s fourth government in a row in eight years. All have collapsed before their mandate expired.

Around 1,950 Dutch troops are deployed in Afghanistan under the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

The Dutch mission, which started in 2006, has already once been extended by two years and has cost 21 soldiers’ lives.


Second Update:  WaPo article….. touches on the ‘liberals say uh-oh’ part of the equation………


Gotta go almost to the end of the 2-page article to see the snide, agenda-driven remark:  “An election within the next few months could see a further rise in power of the extreme anti-immigrant populist Geert Wilders, whose ranking in the polls rivals Balkenende’s.

…….and there we see the crux of the matter……… The Left…. the appeasers…. the main reasons The Netherlands (and all of Scandinavia/Europe/UK are called “Eurabia” and about to fall).

Geert Wilders is a patriotic Netherlander.  He made a film that pointed out the customs and mannerisms of the gracious and peace-loving ‘immigrants’ who are none too shy about killing everyone not like them and a complete takeover of every single square foot of our planet, let alone The Netherlands.

Mr. Wilders and his party are not ‘anti-immigrant’.  Like many many other individuals and groups, Mr. Wilders and his party are ‘anti-immigrant who are looking to terrorize, destroy and commit genocide’.

The dishonesty in politics and media is breathtaking and their co-agenda stands the real chance of ending nations and getting millions killed.

The Dutch people are gonna have one chance at freeing their nation from the encroaching grasp of Shari’a and Islam….. one chance. If they don’t get it right and get it right immediately, they’re done as a country within a few months.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us