A Presidential Proclamation on obesity in children.... Soon to be a nudge.... More regulations will follow.... Violations punishable.......

Kudos to Streiff and his diary http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2010/02/10/michelle-obama-and-the-cellulite-peril

I have a different take on things (Gee, what a surprise, I’m looking ‘big-picture’ again.).

Honest wish that I’m not the only one here at RS that’s seen this little ditty from Michelle’s husband……….

“It’s for the children”, Part 25,689,522.

(a.k.a.: POTUS and FLOTUS and COTUS*, Oh My !!!)


For Immediate Release.

February 09, 2010.

Presidential Memorandum — Establishing A Task Force On Childhood Obesity.


Across our country, childhood obesity has reached epidemic rates and, as a result, our children may live shorter lives than their parents.


Nearly one third of children in America are overweight or obese — a rate that has tripled in adolescents and more than doubled in younger children since 1980.   One third of all individuals born in the year 2000 or later will eventually suffer from diabetes over the course of their lifetime, while too many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma.


Paragraph 1.

Epidemic rates……. Really ?   The same thing is still being said about H1N1.

Shorter lives….. I actually can see that, because the signer of the proclamation and his administration are actively attempting to enjoin an economic and societal collapse of The United States.

Paragraph 2.

Nearly one-third of children in America are overweight or obese” ?!?

Mr. President:

With whatever respect remains due to you personally in the office you currently occupy: Bullcrap.  To quote someone who spoke absolute truth (but his timing wasn’t all that well-advised in a Congressional hall): “You lie“.

I’m in multiple schools every workday throughout the year.  Elementary, Middle and High Schools.  I see hundreds, if not thousands of kids at a time.

There is NO WAY even 1/3 of 1/3 of the kids I see every day are overweight or obese.  No way.

Mr. President, I offer to the world that your proclamation is nothing more than a ‘green light’ for Cass Sunstein to ‘nudge’ his and your Statist/Totalitarian dream a bit further into place.

Before anyone would ever know, Mr. Sunstein, who reports to nobody but you (and is apparently untouchable by Congress or anyone else), could tweak a current regulation here, add a sentence to another requirement there and blammo.  Something benign, normal and American is no longer allowed, with it’s manufacture, sales, purchase and usage banned, neigh illegal, punishable by tens of thousands of dollars in fines and years in a Federal prison/re-education camp.

Whaddya mean, ‘what do you mean’ ?

Are those water pumps in California back on yet ?  No ?  I didn’t think so.  http://www.redstate.com/representativetommcclintock/2010/02/05/turn-on-the-pumps I’ve noticed the produce shelves and the canned goods at all of the grocery stores here in South Florida still have all the items as normal, just not the quantity as before the water got clipped.  All over a 3-inch fish that does nothing other than make more 3-inch fishes and poop.

By the way, the quantity of some of those same items as imports are high.  Is that on purpose too ?  Should we have any concern at all about food products normally obtained from US sources now coming in from borderline dictatorial nation-states and even processed foods from those nations and of course China with their excellent quality control and care for preventing all food-borne illnesses and disease ?  No, none of those nations (especially China) would ever consider doing anything at all on purpose to our food supply here.  No, not in a million years, or in the fifty-gazillion-dollars we owe them that can pretty much never be repaid.

How close am I, Mr. President, hmmmmmmm ?

Have a nice day, Sir.


Hey, I got an idea for another example.  Let’s take our Dictator In Training Pants’ great admirer, The Mayor-For-Life of NY City, Michael Bloomberg.  Trans-fat.  Salt.  Sugar……. What’s next ?  Oh, I got a good guess…….. Tobacco.  I’ll bet he’s gonna try and ban it city-wide.  If he does it, forgetting everything else, the loss in tax revenue would kill an already almost dead NYC virtually overnight.

OK, I’ll say it…….. The current administration is fast becoming a clear and present danger to all free people and the American society as a whole.  They are already that to The Constitution and YOUR Rights.

But lest I forget……. “It’s for the children.”

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us


*COTUS – Children Of The United States.