Haiti: Just in case you forgot.

I heard they had an earthquake there……. Kind of a bad one too.

The UN didn’t forget though….. Especially the command and control part.  The humanitarian end always takes a back seat with the one-worlders, especially in a nation they continue to keep down, impoverished and enslaved, with civilians in true peril begging for whatever might be offered (except for that nation’s elite people of course).


The W.H.O. (ed. World Health Organization) stopped Tuesday providing free drugs to private clinics and NGOs in Haiti after reports patients were being charged, potentially dealing a big blow to the already stumbling aid effort.

This followed distressing scenes of hungry survivors rubbing their bellies and shouting desperately on Monday after the UN suspended food supplies to some 10,000 quake survivors in the capital when fake coupons were discovered.


“Only public hospitals are going to continue to receive the drugs for free,” WHO spokeswoman Marie-Agnes Heine told AFP. “All others will have to pay.”


What do you mean you didn’t know The UN suspended some food distribution ?

Read: http://www.news.com.au/world/haiti-aid-effort-hit-by-fake-coupon-scam/story-e6frfkyi-1225828225454

THE struggling aid effort in Haiti was hit by another setback today as the UN halted deliveries to some 10,000 quake survivors after discovering that fake coupons were in operation.

An agitated crowd of around 100 people continued to wait well into the afternoon at the drop-off site close to the town hall in the Port-au-Prince suburb of Petionville as others clamored to get tickets valid for today.

“We need food!” one old lady shouted at a guard charged with manning the steel bars blocking the entrance to the town hall offices.

Others simply pointed to their mouths and stomachs.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?  Literally a few hundred thousand people died during a blink-of-the-eye moment in time and all within a few square miles….. Food coupons ?!?  Many people there don’t have pockets to put the coupons, let alone a place to go to eat.

Pay for meds……. Who’s gonna pay for the meds, the people ?…….. um……… er………. PAY WITH WHAT ?!?  The people in of Port au Prince and close-surrounding areas have nothing, some less than nothing.  The s.o.b.’s that were charging for meds, food coupons and anything else should have been summarily shot on sight.  Period.  There.  I said it and I don’t care what it makes me seem to be.

This is insane……….and what resembles the Haitian government is still looking for their own cut of the goodies still coming into the airport.



A quake-damaged Haitian supermarket collapsed in the capital with several people inside and rescue crews were working to pull them out, a site supervisor and rescue workers said.

“There were looters inside the building,” Meir Vaknin told AFP, referring to the Caribbean Market store. “I was trying to get rid of them and when the building fell there were some of them inside.”

He estimated five to eight people had been in the building, and said at least one was spotted alive inside.


The people inside were looking for anything resembling food and/or things they could use to survive.  People tend to get desperate and delusional when their entire world crumbles around them and stays that way for a few weeks with no relief in sight and their own ‘government’ not giving a whit what happens to anyone other than themselves.

Yep, The United Nations is definitely where to turn for help during a disaster of Biblical proportions……. If you want to make the disaster worse, that is.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us