Pagans Get A New Worship Circle..... Guess Where..... C'mon, Guess.

Hint 1: The money to pay for it came from the defense budget…….. as in our tax dollars.

Not a clue, eh ?

Hint 2: Think Colorado (No, Not South Park !)

Figure it out yet ?

No ?

Hint 3: “Off we go into the wild blue…….” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?



Witches, Druids and pagans rejoice! The Air Force Academy in Colorado is about to recognize its first Wiccan prayer circle, a Stonehenge on the Rockies that will serve as an outdoor place of worship for the academy’s neo-pagans.

Wiccan cadets and officers on the Colorado Springs base have been convening for over a decade, but the school will officially dedicate a newly built circle of stones on about March 10, putting the outdoor sanctuary on an equal footing with the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist chapels on the base.

“When I first arrived here, Earth-centered cadets didn’t have anywhere to call home,” said Sgt. Robert Longcrier, the lay leader of the neo-pagan groups on base.


It’s your turn to snark.

I can’t.

I’m way too busy tracking down a few chickens for my next Kosher Santeria ceremony that’s gonna take place out on the tarmac at Ft. Lauderdale Airport at midnight during the first hurricane of the upcoming season.

Whaddya mean is it gonna be the same ?……… Of course it’s still gonna be done in Latin, signed for the deaf, translated into Olde English and inscribed in Sanskrit.  No ‘change’ here……. at least I ‘hope’ not.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us