Hey, here's a great idea: Let's do a game show where the viewer's choice winner gets a free abortion and more.

H/T to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.  James my friend, you’ve unleashed the wrath of a monster…… Let’s go git ’em and git ’em but good.


The show is called “Bump” and it’s the latest craze to hit the nation via BumpTheShow.com and of course, YouTube.  Ratings (‘site hits’, I guess) and viewer commentary are………… What ?……. Something wrong ?

You have a problem with this ?

I can’t see what could be of concern to anyone……. After all, the new show was inspired by the current POTUS and his speech at The University Of Notre Dame.



That’s the origination…… Our beloved Dictator In Training Pants gave the spark to the producers.  That’s cited in the article linked here………


Beginning Feb. 1, episodes will appear each week on Mondays and Thursdays, both on the Web site (BumptheShow.com) and on YouTube, and spectators are invited to comment. A pilot, which appeared on the eve of the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, already had drawn 147 comments by Friday, ranging from criticism of the acting and the doctor’s make-up to heartfelt accounts of personal experiences with abortion.

Comments are being carefully monitored to ensure civility, Iocco told me in a telephone interview. The fear is that the conversation could devolve into the usual rants. He worries that once foot soldiers on each side of the debate get wind of “Bump,” they’ll mobilize their troops and try to firebomb the theater, as it were. A few of the most vitriolic posts already have been removed.


You’re damn right all commentary is being screened……… eliminating any and all opposition to the show, it’s topic and of course, the complete desensitizing of people towards killing innocent life before birth.

The next step, of course, will be ‘contestants’ who are actually pregnant and…….you can guess the rest.

What have we come to as a people ? Does NOTHING matter anymore ?

Even actors in a completely setup environment of total political pandering and promoting death are acceptable today ?

Every single person involved in this should be taken to task in as public a manner as possible……. and God won’t even help ’em if these pieces of trash try and do this “game show” for real.

Kenny Solomon
Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan.

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Edit….. 2 Feb ’10, 4:40pm (Eastern)……

Mailloux has a quite unique take on this abhorrent display of our nation’s state-run media’s idea of good programming……… Click here:  http://www.redstate.com/mailloux/2010/02/02/you’ve-got-to-see-“puppy-dirt-nap”-it’s-a-new-cutting-edge-reality-show