TOTUS and GLOTUS vs. POTUS - One man's take on America's most embarrassing moment to date.

TOTUS – TelePrompTer Of The United States.

GLOTUS – General Lecturer Offering Total Unionized Servitude.

POTUS – People Of The United States.


Last evening, I was on a personal protection detail for a well-known local Conservative radio personality here in South Florida.  She does a political talk show and let’s just say she’s hacked off ‘los lefties’ and C.A.I.R. more than several gazillion times….. per week.

My kinda girl in many more ways than one.   🙂

On the way back from the speaking engagement/candidate debate, we listened to about half of the Jihadist-In-Chief’s b.s.-laden pandering, denigrating, un-American dictatorial ‘I, Me, My’ message to the world.

‘Liar’, ‘Tragic performance’, ‘Who does he think he’s fooling?’…….Those were instantateous and honest responses used by us a few times.  Those were also some of the only words we uttered that would be usable in a broadcast setting.

I couldn’t/wouldn’t listen to the rest of it for a few reasons, including the inability to deal with the ‘I, Me, My’ declarations of his self-appreciation and superiority over us mere mortals.  Also, I really didn’t want to get to the point of a reaction-discharge of a firearm into the radio……. especially because I was driving and it was her vehicle.  If she did it herself after I left, well, it’s on her.   😉

The honest-to-God last straw for me though, was the shot taken at the sane members of The Supreme Court for their decision on McCain-Feingold.  Our Dictator In Training Pants basically – and some would say officially- let the world know that he and his administration don’t care a tinker’s cuss about The Constitution, Rights and the laws of our land…….. and will do whatever they damn well please in order to “fundamentally transform The United States”.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in DEEP trouble as a nation and as a people……. and the current administration is purposefully accelerating the unfolding disaster.


By the way, just for giggles……..One of the things she set up on-air over the past few days was a 2-part contest for how many standing ovations he’d get during the speech and the combined total of how many times he’d use “I”, “Me” and “My”.The top listener guess on standing ovations was 40 and the I, me and my top end listener guess was 75 for the entire speech.

Results:  Standing ovations…. Based on Nancy “Botox-In-A-Box” Pelosi jumping up and not including entrance and exit:  46.  The ‘I me and my’ count was at least 40 just 20 to 25 minutes in.

Looks like nobody won…….. especially America.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us