Mistrust of the system is quickly gaining momentum.

Nervousness over the failure of transforming the manual voting procedures has mounted following the disclosure last week that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is behind in its timetable in installing the new system by election day.

The media last week reverberated with warnings from the private sector of the dire consequences from the failure of the conversion of the system into one driven by computerized machines or from the malfunctioning of the new counting machines, either through tampering or mechanical defects.

The feared consequences include, first, public unrest fomented by high expectations that the replacement of the manual system would do away with widespread fraud and, second, such an unrest could give reasons to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to declare a failure of elections, allowing her to hold on to office beyond the expiration of her term in June.


Her term…… ending in June…… Huh ?   Wait a second…… Who’s President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ?

Barack Hussein Obama is The President…… and except for a few specials (like two days from now in Mass. and one right after that here in South Flori-duh), the elections aren’t until November.……. What the hell is going on ?

Oh, wait……….. The Philippines………..  Now I understand.


You know The Philippines……. Their government just outlawed anyone owning firearms.  I wonder why that happened ?


Never mind.

Something like this could never occur here in America.

No way the current administration would even remotely consider canceling the November elections here for any reason — or try and grab everyone’s guns using Interpol, The UN and some sort of a civilian defense force at its’ side — or Federalize each states’ National Guard — or completely revamp the parameters for classified documents —- or nationalize a health care system that’s already mandated to have a national medical records database in place within the next few years no matter what happens with the current health care reform legislation.

The current administration will undoubtedly ensure the November elections are completely above-board, that each race is contested in an honorable manner, plus all electronic voting machines are fully secure, along with all vote counts being certified as completely accurate by multiple independent agencies and of course, that the entire operation will be transparent to the public from minute one.


Keep telling yourself that.

Go ahead.

Keep telling yourself that.

As for me, well……… My gut instinct senses something that I don’t want to wrap my head around actually taking place.  Besides, I have a hard time actually seeing it happen without a…… um…… problem…… (Yeah, that’s a good word for it.)…… I can’t see it happening without a problem occurring here in The USA.

We’ll see what takes place Tuesday in MassiveTwoSchmittes.

Cheers from South Florida !

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us