NC State Senator R.C. Soles shoots intruder trying to break into his house...... Uh oh...... Problem.

I think you’ll find this somewhat enlightening.


Here’s what the headline should have been:

Anti-2nd Amendment Democrat North Carolina State Senator owns a gun and uses it, quite possibly in violation of his state’s Castle Doctrine and he’s probably gonna get away with it, because he’s an anti-2nd Amendment Democrat North Carolina State Senator who owns a gun and used it, quite possibly in violation of his state’s Castle Doctrine.

Three articles I’ve seen so far:




Did some research into this way-too-long-in-office politician.  He doesn’t believe YOU should have the right to defend yourself.  But as for him……… Well, he’s just so special that he ends up standing beside himself with much admiration.


Best of the commentary from all the articles:

Legislation that diminishes yours and my rights does not apply to the political elite.  Their lives and property are much more valuable than ours.  That is why they exempt themselves from restrictive laws that make the rest of us less safe while taking ever more of the fruits of our labor to enrich themselves.  But they deserve everything they get because they are so much smarter and more important than schmucks like you and me.

Couldn’t have said it much better myself, but I’ll try:  Tipping point approaching quicker ‘n spit.

Kenny Solomon
Molon Labe.