Haiti - From a person who knows first-hand: Mr. Bernard Sansaricq (Cand. FL-23).

Disclaimer first:  I am nowhere near impartial in any of my descriptive commentary on this posting, as I work for Mr. Sansaricq’s campaign – audio technician for appearances that require equipment (that I provide at no cost to the campaign as a donation) .  I stand with The Good Sir Mr. S., for, among other things, he is taking on a real live ‘no-goodnik’ currently seated in Florida’s Congressional District 23 in The US House Of Representatives, who’s name shall not be mentioned here.


This is going to be a VERY long diary and I don’t apologize for it.

The text below in blue is from Bernard Sansariq, candidate for The US House Of Representatives (FL-23) and former President Of The Senate Of Haiti.

Some of us have been trying since just a few hours after the news broke earlier in the week to get Fox News to even acknowledge Mr. Sansaricq’s existence.  For some reason unknown to anyone, the network doesn’t seem to care or understand that a person who is from Haiti, with decades of actual experience, vast internal political knowledge and who’s family was assassinated by the powers in charge would matter in getting out facts and ways to truly help.

I am now asking that people outside our area please assist us….. Write, call or somehow contact producers, managers and even the ‘talent’ at Fox News in New York and inform them of Mr. Sansaricq’s existence.  Please be nice to them, as the network is basically all that remains on American television for even half-way accurate reporting of facts on most news occurring in our nation and world wide.

Mr. S. has been through some things in the political and life arenas that I can make a sure bet none of us would be able to deal with and remain sane (at best).

As I type this, Mr. S. is preparing to leave for his homeland tomorrow (Sunday 17 January) with a cargo flight filled to just short of maximum takeoff weight with supplies and people to help.  We are all praying that they are allowed to land and then more importantly, can get out of the airport with the cargo.  They are going to Haiti in order to assist those who now have less than nothing other than their own heartbeats and a deep-seated faith that help is indeed on the way.

While we’re sitting here contemplating our navels and trying to find some sort of political angle to all this ; While what amounts to hundreds of aircraft with supplies and people willing to go and awaiting their 2-hour ‘wheels up’ notification ; While current and former politicians all over just talk about what they’re going to do and not going to do ; there are thousands of criminals from the now empty and/or collapsed prisons in and around Port Au Prince who are roaming the affected area and already miles beyond.

Fake officials (the prisoners and other pieces of human debris) are going into neighborhoods and telling people that supplies are coming and to go to an area several blocks away, if not further……. The people leave, looking for any kind of relief, not believing that their own countrymen would deceive them in such a dire time…….. So of course, the criminals take what little remains of the people’s things left behind and these bastards even destroy what they can’t take with them.  God help the people there if these wastes of carbon somehow get hold of firearms and ammo.

The already billions-of-cracks in the eggshell of what little order remains in Haiti are multiplying exponentially.  The airport (for now) is one of the only safe refuges, along with the larger churches that haven’t collapsed.

I implore you to NOT donate to any organization that is beholden to the unbelievable corruption and destructive nature of The Haitian Government.  Private charities, preferably faith-based organizations who already are ensconsed within Haiti trying to help in whatever ways they can.   Many churches based here in South Florida have properties in Haiti that are used as church-run orphanages, clinics, schools, etc.  They can help NOW and deserve our attention.  Many retailers here in America have setup sections of their shops to accept material (and monetary) donations.  It is incumbent upon everyone donating and the business themselves to assure these donations will get to those in need and not simply “be shipped there” and die on the vine of a corrupt group.

Anyway, I’ve ranted on long enough.  What you’re about to read is from Mr. Bernard Sansaricq, along with a link to the website of an organization he mentions called Shalom International (I’m a member of that organization as well).

Except for inserting a notation regarding what he was talking about in the first paragraph and activating the link to his campaign’s website, I did not alter one thing on Mr. Sansaricq’s letter, not even spelling.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us


If you read just the first 5 lines of this email by Shalom International (Ed. note:  a link to Shalom International’s mailing is at the end of this letter), you will all see what I mean by CORRUPTION IN THE GOVERNMENT OF Haiti.

While the American people is generously giving help for this tragedy that happened in Haiti, the Mistress (recently wife) of the President of Haiti bought a home for 1 million dollars in Coral Gables Florida ?????? Wake Up America ! Where is your money Going…. Visit my web page: http://www.sansaricq4congress.org (news page) and catch a glimpse of what’s going on.

Write to your “good” Congressman-Inform your Senators- Bill Clinton is a FAKE- If if could not do anything while he was President of the US for Haiti with 23,000 pairs of boots in the ground…Clinton is only giving LIP SERVICE to the American people.

A lobbyist lawyer in Miami for Aristide (also friend of Bill Clinton) received 10.5 millions dollars from the poorest country in the Western hemisphere… Where did the money come from? Who was paid by this lobbyist? (this was documented by the US Justice Department, as the lobbyist had to register as a foreign agent for a foreign government)

Who was paid with this money?  Where did Aristide get this money?

According to the US Justice Department some 55 Millions were paid to different lobbyists in the US by Bill Clinton’s friend J.B. Aristide.

Millions were stached in Off Shores Banks in the Turks & Caicos Islands under the fictitious name of “MOUNT SALEM” as reported by Wall Street Journal Reporter Ms. Maria Anastazia O’Grady – Several High Profile Democrats were involved.

Get Bernard Sansaricq in the radio and TV (FOX News)  to inform what’s really going on.

…and there is so much more….

As President Truman said; “I won’t give them Hell- I will just tell the Truth.

Thank you Shalom International.

Bernard Sansaricq.
Candidate for US Congress- District 23- FL.


Shalom International – The website:   http://www.defendjerusalem.net

The mailing regarding Haiti Mr. S. mentioned in the first paragraph:  http://defendjerusalem.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/haiti