And now for part 26,327,852 in the ongoing saga of, "It's for the children".

Open up your thought process even a little bit and you’ll get the idea of what’s what.

What’s “what” you ask ?

You’ll see.

Hint: Incrementalism.


“Protector” from Taser International, Inc.



“Protector” is a revolutionary toolset that gives parents the ability to supervise their children’s mobile phone usage and driving behaviors. Parents can manage the contact lists and content of their child’s mobile phone – including calls, texts, emails, photos and video, and can automatically limit phone functionality to prevent dangerous distractions while driving. PROTECTOR uses integrated GPS, allowing parents to track their child’s location, monitor driving habits, and release vital records to the authorities in emergency situations.


Protect the children my arse !  This is Big Brother’s chicken coming home to roost.  I give it at best a year, maybe 18 months tops and this is a ‘regulatory nudge’, mandated in every cell phone and vehicle.

C’mon now Kenny……. Stop it…… You gotta calm down.  There’s no other use for that technology.   None whatsoever.

Yeah, you’re right……… Why would any government anywhere in the world (especially the current US administration) be interested in this kind of GPS-to-cell-based, point-to-multiple-point, fully interactive command and control monitoring that can be force-downloaded and activated without the ‘trackee’s’ knowledge and consent ?

See, I knew you’d understand……… Now then……… On my command……. Repeat after me…. “It’s for the children”.   Everybody, repeat after me – that’s an order – “It’s for the children…… and only for the children.”


Let me explain this technology in one sentence:  “Protector” is OnStar, The FBI, The CIA, plus other federal agencies, your state, county and local governing authorities along with your spouse/girlfriend/mom and yeah, even maybe marketing/advertising entities combined in your pocket and they’re all taking steroids.

This is part of the personal chip implant technology at work, but in a bigger enclosure……. Yes, a version of this software is part of what’s in the nano-circuit subcutaneous devices, tracking, stimulus, response, etc.

My business partner Janie (‘janiel’ here at RS) put it pretty succinctly: Mr. Asimov wrote “I Robot”.  Replace the robots with computers and think………….


Has it finally dawned on you that the The 4th Amendment is quickly becoming worthless ?


Kenny Solomon
DC Works for Us