Problems ?... What problems ?... I don't see any problems !... I ain't got to show you any stinkin' problems !!!


Peshwar Pakistan – Suicide Bomber (for the umpteenth-and-a-half time in the past three months – not that anybody notices).


At least seven policemen were wounded on Saturday when a Taliban militant commander blew himself up in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, police said.

Irfan Ullah, from the lawless town of Darra Adam Khel, struck when police raided his hideout in Matni, an area in the outskirts of Peshawar, in country’s northwest, senior police official Mohammad Karim Khan said.

“Irfan Ullah blew himself up when police stormed into a hideout to arrest him,” Khan told AFP.

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Even the Undie-Bomber is the fault of us Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos !

Video at the link…….


An American Muslim named Abdul Alim Musa — a former member of the Nation of Islam and now the imam of the Islam Mosque in Washington D.C. — explains the Lap Bomber on Iranian TV.

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Thirty people hit with acid during terror attack in Hong Kong.


Thirty people have been injured by corrosive liquid hurled in one of Hong Kong’s favourite tourist spots, the sixth such attack reported in just over a year.

Among the injured were several foreign tourists, according to broadcaster RTHK.

Police received reports at around 9.30pm on Saturday that a bottle of corrosive liquid had been thrown in the Temple Street night market in Yau Ma Tei district, a lively shopping area that hosts hawkers, fortune-tellers and nightclubs, a spokesman said.

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Angola Africa:  Togo’s soccer team bus comes under machine-gun fire. Unknown if any fatalities or wounded.  Several EPL/FA Cup team members on Togo National Team for the African Cup tournament.


The armed wing of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda said it had repeatedly warned the footballing authorities before last Friday’s attack that the territory was at war, and it would now strike again.

“This operation is only the start of a series of targeted actions that will continue in all the territory of Cabinda,” said Rodrigues Mingas, secretary-general of the movement, which has fought for control of the northern enclave and its oil and diamond reserves for more than 40 years.

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Bomb explodes outside Greek Parliament.


An explosive device went off outside the Greek parliament in Athens on Saturday, prompting Prime Minister George Papandreou to condemn the attack and vow that “democracy will not be terrorised”.

No one was injured in the blast and no damage was immediately reported, police said.

“This highly symbolic place for Greeks is not guarded and will not be,” Citizen’s Protection Minister Michalis Chryssohoidis said.

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Soccer anyone ?  I got a new ball. Lemme shave it first – a few day’s growth hangin’ ’round.


The body of 36-year-old Hugo Hernandez was left on the streets of Los Mochis in seven pieces as a chilling threat to members of the Juarez drug cartel. A note read: ”Happy New Year, because this will be your last.”

To drive home the point, the assailants skinned Hernandez’s face and stitched it onto a soccer ball.

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Apologies to a certain garage band that started in Liverpool UK.………….

My face was just pulled off of me,
I’m not half the man I used to be,
Obama will give us full Amnesty.

Drug Cartels,
We’re more badder than the terror cells.
Don’t try and put us in your prison walls,
Vendejo…. Joo ain’t got no big-a-balls.

Why the DHS won’t stand and fight,
Janet would not say.
But the system works and it’s crap
Like yesterday……….

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I hear the beginning of a Christmas song………

It’s beginning to look a lot like Statism,
Man, the people are sore.
Government grabbed all guns and then……

The government is going far and wide to “neutralize” anyone still carrying and has even gone after a few actual bad guys.

>>>>>Philippines bans possession of all firearms.<<<<<


The Philippine government imposes a total ban on carrying firearms throughout the country today in the run-up to the general elections on May 10. As well, police and military units are moving throughout the nation to dismantle private armies in an attempt to keep political violence down.

Police and the military have identified between 90 and 132 private armies and have designated more than 500 towns and municipalities as “hot spots” prone to election violence.

At midnight on Saturday, police had set up 90 checkpoints throughout the 16 cities and one municipality that make up Metro Manila.


Over the weekend the PNP sent a 75-man commando team to the central province of Masbate to “neutralise” at least three private armies.

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In a related story, some breaking news that actually only one political movement in The Philippines has officially been targeted by the firearm ban and the government’s sanctioned “neutralize” on sight policy.  The movement’s name:  “Conservative Republican Constitutionalists”.

Obama and Holder are drooling uncontrollably at the thought of trying this here.  Bank on it.




I wonder if Country Joe would honor us and…… Nah…… I’m gonna have to do it for him.

Gimme an F…… F !
Gimme an E…… E !
Gimme a D……. D !

What’s that spell ?……. Fed !

What’s that spell ?……. Liberals !

What’s that spell ?……. Traitors !

Hey, come on over here Metrosexual “men”,
Coexist Inc. needs your help again.
Teh Won’s got himself a Hawaiian golf tan,
Some say he’s from yonder – A Kenyan man.

So drop them latte’s and pick up (an aseptic-sealed, 100% recycled material carton of all natural non-aerosol, Jooooooooooo repellent, but never) a gun,
You’re gonna have a Beemer load of fun.

Well it’s 1, 2, 3, what are we fightin’ for ?
Don’t ask Obama he don’t give a damn.
Afghanistan is his Viet Nam.

And it’s 5, 6, 7, open up the Jihad gates.
Well, we ain’t got media a-wonderin’ why,
Whoopie !
Iran’s missiles soon fly.


Cheers for now     !

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us