Israel's neck is solidly clamped in the chopping block. First use of the axe is officially being fought over by The UN and The USA.

I give it a month, maybe two…… tops.

Israel should tell the UN to go screw itself….. hard and often.

However, instead of Israel actually standing up for itself, we have the following:


The United Nations is to accept more than $10 million (£6.2 million) from Israel as compensation for damage caused during the war in Gaza — a deal branded a cheap buyout by its own staff in the territory.

UN officials said the agreement would be announced in the coming days.  It is the first time Israel is known to have paid the organisation compensation for damage to its facilities in Palestinian territories, but Israeli officials emphasised that it would not set a precedent.


Not set a precedent……… Yeah.

They’re right actually…….. It’s not a precedent.

It’s Jizya.


Barack Hussein Obama, through Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Special Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, threatens to cut off all aid to Israel if the Jewish State doesn’t allow it’s own destruction and a declaration of open season on Jews world-wide.


On eve of visit to region, American special envoy threatens Israel with sanctions if it fails to advance peace talks, two-state solution. Secretary of State Clinton says working to restart negotiations ‘without preconditions’.


Quite honestly, I’m surprised it took this long.  When Harold Koh and Samantha Power were put in place at The Department Of State, I thought this would be agenda item numero uno for their first day or two on the job.

I’d offer up some additional commentary about this lovely little bit of news, but I’d be banned from RedState, more than likely arrested on numerous charges and taken to one of the non-existent FEMA Camps….. or maybe I’d get lucky and just ‘be disappeared’.

Suffice it to say, I’m a tad miffed…… at best.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us