Blame Canada ?....... No....... Blame Air Canada.

Alternate Diary Title:  Court Ordered Regulations Mandate Air Canada Segregate Democrats, AGW Believers and Coexist/One-Worlders From The Normal Traveling Public….. Oh……. Wait…….

Ahhhhhh….. I got it now…… It’s a Culinary Nut-Free Zone on all Air Canada flights.



Canada’s transportation regulator has ordered Air Canada to accommodate passengers with severe nut allergies by seating them in new nut-free zones on aircraft.

“The agency has determined that a buffer zone, including an announcement within that zone, is the appropriate accommodation for persons with disabilities due to their allergy to peanuts or nuts,” the Canadian Transportation Agency said in its ruling.

The agency had received two complaints from passengers with nut allergies since 2006.


Look, I know for a fact that allergies to nuts and anything else for that matter can be (literally) a deadly thing and nothing to snark, but…….. I can’t help myself.  This was way too easy and here you see only the first three sentences of the article.

OK, so now, it’s my turn.   😉

Bonjour Air Great White North:

Regarding your “Nut-Free Zones” on all flights, wouldn’t it be somewhat reasonable to even possibly consider that a person allergic to nuts would have a modicum of a grasp on basic communication skills and also possess the ability to somehow convey “no thanks” to the cabin crew offering those micro-sized packages of pomegranate-latte-infused, carbon-neutral, free-range-raised, not-grown-in-the-evil-USA peanuts ?

A buffer zone, eh ?  When I’m in an airplane, I want a buffer zone from that 7-year-old kicking the back of my seat for a seven-hour transatlantic flight.  I’ll gladly take six degrees of separation from the 450 pound behemoth with ‘that smell’ in the window seat one row in front…… and while we’re at it, I honestly don’t need anyone trying to explain the most intimate details of how to use a seat belt.

I feel like Casey Kasem….. “Two ?….  TWO ?!?!?!?…. Good golly Miss Molly !”…………….. Next up for it’s own ‘zone’ will be anyone and anywhere dictated by teh gubmint, because it’s open season on sanity and reparations are underway for all those who claim any politically correct “victim” status.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us