I guess this is the jobs created or saved part of The Jihadist In Chief's and his owners' plans to destroy America and Israel.

Let’s continue on from where the last few administrations left off. But hey….. Now we’re on steroids and havin’ tons of fun……….. Thousands of tons of fun fun fun till his Blackberry daddy takes his Executive Order pen away.

The first 2010 version of arms sales of high-tech flying and sailing toys, along with big and fast things to go with ’em that go boom.  Negotiations apparently began in October.

From Israel National News:


Under Egypt’s Eid tree, they’ll find 24 F-16’s plus 156 extra engines for ’em (……. Gee !…… No…… G.E.), four missile boats, four batteries of Harpoon II’s and 450 Hellfire missiles.  That’s along with approximately 1.5 BILLION annually in direct cash aid.


Until June 2009, the United States repeatedly denied Egyptian requests to purchase arms because of Egypt’s record on human rights and democracy, according to website F-16.net. That policy has changed under President Obama.

(My note:  There’s that damn word again……’change’.)


Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates also have new military acquisition contracts with the United States. The Pentagon has released the details to Congress.

Some of the purchases will include 2,742 anti-tank missiles for Saudia Arabia, 1,808 anti-tank missiles and 162 launchers with night vision systems for Jordan, 1,600 laser-guided “smart bombs and 800 one-ton and 400 bunker buster bombs for the UAE, and 24 additional F-16s for Morocco, the first owned by that country’s air force,” according to UPI.


‘Scuse me……. Hey….. Somebody……. Anybody……… Lemme ‘axe’ you a question……. Who’s gonna instruct all those folks in the proper use of their shiny new toys ?

Plus, something tells me all those nations mentioned above have one thing in common…….. Can’t figure out what it is though…… Feh…… Must be some sort of fidigamendt of my eemajibinashun that there could be any sort of commonality.   It’s all isolated deals.

Thank you 78% of US Jews and all those voting for “change”.
You wanted it, you got it….. and I hope you choke on it.
Don’t any of you come near me when the SHTF.

Then again……. WWJMD ? (What would John McCain do ?)

I’ve just got one simple request…….. I’m not anywhere near tired, or needing a break, but since I’m trying to concentrate on what’s going on and help bring some of it to light, I’d really appreciate somebody letting me know when the shooting starts so I can make it back home to protect my property.  Thanks.

Well now, one might infer that by my grammatterous structurenatin’ that I might be a tad miffed at this current administration and several previous.  One would be correct.  Spot-on, as the case may be.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us