Anybody findin' 8,400 aerial mortar shells just layin' 'round, let me know, ok ?

Commence smell test, version alpha…….


Police say 70 cartons of fireworks were stolen from a secure facility belonging to a pyrotechnic company between 1pm (AEST) on New Year’s Eve and 3.30pm on New Year’s Day.

Each carton contained 120 “aerial mortars” that could cause serious or fatal injuries if used by anyone other than a pyrotechnic expert, said police.

The aerial mortars are the size and shape of a cricket ball, wrapped in brown paper with a wick sticking out of the top.

End smell test, version alpha…….


All clear – Nothing wrong at all.

What was taken are jokingly called ‘poppers’ in the pyro show business. A band I work for has had pyro as part of the lightshow for decades, so I know a little bit about it.

A standard ‘go boom’ (like their “cricket ball” described above) is equivalent to anywhere between 1/2 to 1-1/2 sticks of Dyneemight in composition (using black powder, C4, PETN, etc.), depending on show requirements (distance from viewing, height of ‘go boom’, proximity to structures, local regulations, etc.).  I’ve no idea of the composition of the units in question.

…..could cause serious or fatal injuries…..

There’s no visual ‘for show’ in these lil darlins.  They just ‘go boom’.  The concussive pressure is quite the impressive type, even from a distance and if you haven’t realized it yet, (depending on their composition) ‘poppers’ can easily be and usually are classified as high explosives.

They also have some shock propellant in them, as does any mortar-type round, fireworks or military………. How else do you think them honeys get airborne to ‘go boom’ ?

70 cartons x 120 units each = 8,400 ‘go booms’.


Nah….. I’m sure it was just a simple error and all the toys are in another shed on the fireworks company’s property, logged into a different section of the company’s inventory control system.

Nobody anywhere I can think of has any kind of use for 8,400 pieces of self-propelled high explosives.

Sleep well.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us