Australia --- Teachers are being paid to quit their jobs.

Part of the buyout agreement is a mandate for the individual to change careers plus a ban from any government teaching position or any other government job for at least three years.

The offer applies only to teachers who have ten years or more of service “without the required skills and enthusiasm” and “demonstrating a lack of contemporary teaching skills”.

What the bloody hell does that mean ?



Hundreds of bored, stressed or unhappy teachers have jumped at the chance to apply for a payout to leave their jobs, despite applications for the new exit option being open for less than a month.

More than 300 teachers applied for the Teacher Career Transition Program, which closed last week and offers lump-sum payouts worth up to $50,000 to teachers with more than 10 years of continuous service. Only 180 applicants will be successful.


I just woke up from a really nice lazy-day afternoon snooze on the deck overlooking the golf course and haven’t really shaken off the cobwebs yet.  But it didn’t take more than fifteen seconds for me to see through this new angle.

I get it…… Oh yeah, I get it.

If your first reaction was ‘Well, if the government isn’t gonna simply fire the rotten apples, at least they’re finally doing something to get rid of bad teachers.’

Bzzzzzzzzz.  Wrong.  Try again.

Read the entire article – all of it, then think about what’s not expressly stated in the the text.

You still don’t see it, do you ?

C’mon….. T H I N K.  God gave you the power of reasoned deduction.  Use The Force, Luke.

See it now ?

No ?

OK then, I’ll ‘splain……………..

The definition of “teachers without required skills and enthusiasm” and “demonstrating a lack of contemporary teaching skills” …… Those are the teachers who flat-out refuse to indoctrinate children into becoming one-world, green-freak, left-wing, State-loving lemmings.

The Australian government and Australian Educators Union should have simply put up a pair of 500 ft. high neon signs:  All you truth-teaching typical bitter God-clingers need to leave on your own before we take you out behind the shed and end it. and  Wanted: Liberal instructors who will obey all orders and fully inculcate in children that liberty and individual freedoms are bad.

Contemporary teaching skills“……. That’s what they’re calling it now.

Nah……. The US National Education Association and all the teachers unions would never, ever pick this up as a the most more gooder and bestest evah edumakashunel idea……. and demand it happen here with all sorts of very subtle in-school to-the-kids lessons and then in-public demonstrations with SEIU hooking in “to help” the teachers unions….. After all, the unionized non-instructional staff, cafeteria workers and custodians at every school are all affected by the teachers every day……. and of course, the media will say “it’s all for the children” and accelerate the process.

Bank on it……. Seriously……. I’m not kidding……. More “government money” flowing, control being even more centralized and the implementation of a single nationwide education plan for schools with absolute evil at the helm.

Why do you think our beloved D.I.T.P.* is talking about expanding the school day/week/year ?

Kevin Jennings is still in place.  How long before William Ayers is officially added to the administration staff ?

The left does NOTHING without a plan….. A layered plan with many contingencies for varied responses and pushbacks, all to enhance their “command and control”.

* D.I.T.P. – Dictator In Training Pants…….. I’m really tired of spelling it out every time I post.

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us