Another tradition goes by the wayside...... What a shame.


It’s wedding season in Yemen and traditionally, that’s meant three things: Music, dancing and joyously firing an array of pistols, assault rifles, rocket-launchers, anti-aircraft mortars and grenade launchers into the air to celebrate the occasion. But in the past few years, that last part has been nixed from the program.

In 2007, the Yemeni government began implementing an ambitious disarmament and weapons-registration campaign in Sanaa, the nation’s capital, and in many other cities around the country. The upshot is that Yemenis can no longer carry, brandish or fire weapons of any sort in urban and semi-urban districts — even on their sons’ wedding nights.

“People still [fire guns] in the villages. You’ll see it all over out there,” said Muammar Abdul Jaleel, who runs a wedding supplies store in Sanaa. He mimes firing an AK-47 in large half-circles above in head and laughs out loud. “But in the cities? No, no, no. Not anymore.”

For the most part, urban Yemenis are in favor of the disarmament campaign, and are willing to simply adapt their old traditions to a new, gun-less environment. Most urban weddings now feature deafening fireworks displays, which are said to sound remarkably similar to an assault rifle being unloaded into a cement wall. Most urban grooms now pose for pictures with an ornamental assault rifle instead of the real thing. (A least one particularly entrepreneurial vendor in Sanaa has begun renting out bedazzled, gold-inflected AK-47s for just that purpose, Jaleel, the store owner, said.)


My stars.  What’s a Yemeni parent to do ?

What do you mean, Kenny ?

You raise a terrorist…. er,…… child, yeah, that’s it, a child….. You raise a child from birth, put them through the roughest training short of BUD/S…… um,……… I meant school……. right………. You put them through the finest schools, then arrange a marriage even though your kid hates the waste of carbon you picked and traded for with five chickens and your “special” (very receptive) goat……… er, dang it………. you make sure your child’s choice for a spouse is one of the truly good people on the planet……… and what happens……… At the wedding, you can’t open fire to celebrate……..Plus, the government forced you to give them your weapons on top of it all.

So what’s your point ?

Actually, I can’t think of much to say right now because I’m too busy cleaning my own ‘toys’ just in case.

Just in case what ?

Just in case the few of us who’ve been shouting from the rooftops (for at least two, maybe three years) have been right all along about the Totalitarian Statists in our own government and what our mutual friend from upstate (NW Florida) found is quite probably just the tip of a very large and dangerous fast-moving iceberg about to make it’s presence felt by splintering up all over the place.

What did he find out ?

He found out that people like us – patriots – lovers of America, her Flag and The Constitution – dissenters to the current administration – are being tracked – officially and with a total disregard for whatever is left of The Constitution, Bill Of Rights and individual/group liberties and freedoms.

Oh, c’mon now Kenny…… You’re off your chum.  Take a vacation…… Kick back a bit……. At least have some decaf.

Really ?  You think so, eh ?….. Then you still didn’t read it yet  – The column from our friend rcov092 here at RedState – I commented on his findings too……. http://www.redstate.com/rcov092/2009/12/20/an-open-warning-all-conservatives-big-sisterr-is-watching

Kenny Solomon
DC Works For Us