The UK Supreme Court Decreed This Week That The Jewish Religion Is Illegal.

Mr. Charles Moore, a columnist at The UK Telegraph, has quite a long missive on that very topic.


Strange things happen in the English law, but I have seldom read a stranger opening to a judgment than the following, handed down this week by Lord Philips of Worth Matravers, the President of the Supreme Court.


……..The Jewish Free School (JFS), a very successful secondary school in Brent, is run along Orthodox Jewish lines. A dispute arose about the admission of a boy known as M. M’s mother became Jewish by conversion, but only after giving birth to M.  According to Orthodox rules (see that chapter of Deuteronomy), Jewishness passes through the female line. M, therefore, was not Jewish, and so did not have the right of admission to the JFS.

The Supreme Court, however, decided by a majority of five to four that the decision to exclude M was in contravention of section one of the Race Relations Act. He was excluded on racial grounds, it held.


……………..The court is effectively saying that a religion’s way of defining its own membership, practised over 3,500 years, is illegal. This is an acute problem for Jews, who are at great pains to maintain their own rules while respecting the law of the land.  It will also be used by anti-Jewish groups, which are growing in strength, to bolster their argument that Judaism is racist and that the state of Israel is the equivalent of apartheid South Africa.  So the Race Relations Act, set up to help minorities, ends up punishing them.


There’s much more to the column authored by Mr. Moore.  Please read it all.

I’d also really appreciate if someone versed in the law (UK preferrably) AND involved in religious legal matters could give this whole deal a go and PLEASE be completely unbiassed in opinion offering – straight talk is a good thing no matter which way is up.

I saw this article about an hour after it was published and I’m still trying to wrap my head and tin-foil hat around the whole “Jewish is illegal in The UK” thing.  I’ve relatives throughout The Kingdom and all are Jewish.

It’s like Germany in the 1930’s all over again.  This holds and Jews will start to be regulated, legislated and physically removed from existence in The UK….. and the media, of course they say nothing yet.  Nary a peep from the local Jews and nothing at all from the native UK population at large asking “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?“.

This is occurring without anyone – but me right here and now – going near mentioning the ‘little difficulties’ in The UK with The R.O.P. and the radical’s infiltration into all levels of UK government, locals to full-on ministers…. I’m fairly certain the decision by The High Court isn’t a function of that…. at least I don’t think it is.  But if it is somehow a filtering of all the radicals in positions within and also any outside-the-government threatening the law and forcing Dhimmitude – demanding non-monetary Jizya, then hoo boy, The UK’s Jews are toast and right after them, so are the rest of the non-R.O.P. folks.

Remember, it’s long-been basically illegal for a UK citizen to defend themselves with force.  In a case of self-defense with arms, the average UK citizen is put in more of a spot than the criminal, even if the perp had a full-auto rifle wide open in a civilians house and and somehow the citizen was able to get a frying pan upside the head of the perp and knock ’em out….. true.


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Article in The Telegraph from 16 December by Graeme Paton on the school being found guilty of “racial discrimination”:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/6817243/Jewish-school-racially-discriminated.html


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