Communication Breakdown - Redistribution Of Broadband - Trust me, that's not really the problem.

I debated with myself and my tin-foil hat a long time about posting this.  If you’re of the mind, take this as the musings of a raving lunatic.  If you’re of the mind, then toss me out of here.  But hey, I love the Jean-Luc Picard de-motivational face-palm poster…. bring it on. The dude is one of my fav actors ever.

If it’s not obvious to anyone, this is just one typical, bitter, Jewish, God-clinging, gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan’s opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the stimu-pork, nation-bankrupting, freedom-killing, Totalitarian State-enabling, ‘Smart Grid’ to what used to be The United States Of America.


The Obama administration on Thursday will hand out the first $182 million of a $7.2 billion pot of stimulus money that will go toward building high-speed Internet networks and encouraging more Americans to use them.

In a speech in Dawsonville, Ga., Vice President Joe Biden will announce the first 18 projects that will receive federal funding to bring high-speed Internet connections to rural areas, poor neighborhoods and other underserved communities across the country.


Read the entire article…… Please…… I truly believe your freedom and your children’s future are being taken from you today with this package and it’s being done right in your face, in plain sight to the world, with malice aforethought and no apologies from the evil in place.

It all seems so nice and fluffy – Serve the underserved.

Look into who the organizations and corporations are that will be receiving billions of dollars of your money…… and then understand what this is all about: Command and control.

Take stimulus money and several things occur instantly in the form of forced-to-obey regulations on top of mandates and limits right next to quotas and adjacent to ‘green’ purchasing requirements.

Then, you have to deal with The Pay Czar and all the pleasantries included with his function covering every level of remuneration for government-backed ‘investments’.

……and we can’t leave out the union factor……. Please don’t tell me you forgot that all government ‘business’ dealings for new construction projects now mandate union participation or the funding stops.

Last but not least is this project itself and the technology involved.    Net Neutrality is a silent film compared to the digital billion-pixel maze that is The Smart Grid – An IP-based controlled environ tbhat will end up encompassing every aspect of your daily life.

The Smart Grid is an active-reporting and “adjustment” system, covering each and every electronic device known to man.  Power for your home, the GPS in your cell phone, the gas pump at the corner, the a/c in your office, the temperature settings in refrigerated and frozen sections of your neighborhood big-box store…… I can go on ad infinitum.

However, The Smart grid is two-way and very functional….. and can literally control the amount of electricity flowing from areas as large as multi-states, down to individual points like residences, businesses, meeting halls, restaurants, golf courses, and communications towers.  When really worked to spec and connected (by law – bet on that being the case) with your appliances as “smart” as the grid, “somebody” can adjust settings of whatever is connected to the grid….. right down to your coffee maker (best have those free trade beans in there, eh ?).  Anything that’s wired (even if it’s a wireless device plugged in just for recharging)….. anything….. will be eventually mandated to be “smart”, if it’s not already capable of being so as-is right now.

I know that was just one pretty damning accusation and it’s a good bet I know one question you have right off the bat:  ‘Reporting ?….. Reporting to who ?’




I do not say any of this and especially the next bit lightly and you can give me the “face-palm” pic all you want.  My tin-foil hat can take it and so can I………..

The current administration cannot allow a free and open election next November and still keep their power legitimately.  The House Of Representatives controls the spending,  They cannot afford to lose power there until Cass Sunstein has “nudged” his regulatory way to the Utopian/Statist dream and made Congress as a whole completely irrelevant – and that’s happening at a pretty fast pace.

Think about everything they’re doing all at once, the speed at which it is all ACCELERATING and the stated goal to “fundamentally transform The United States”.

I am of the opinion that we don’t have until the 2012 elections. I am of the opinion that we don’t have until the 2010 elections.  I am of the opinion that we may not have until the end of this current winter before ‘something happens’ to “fundamentally transform The United States” in a real shock to the system.

What’s it going to take for Americans to really wake up ?

Big picture – think long term, not the individual little things they’re doing that’s getting you ticked off.  The individual things add up of course, but when taken as a single unit, you quickly realize it’s all interconnected.


Here’s a bit more I found about 45 minutes ago………. and it set me off again.


Speaking at the event with Biden, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue described broadband as the “new dial tone of the 21st century.

“Internet access is as important to our communications infrastructure today as reliable telephone service was a century ago,” Perdue said.

“Creating an advanced network will promote economic development, expand educational opportunities and improve the availability and efficiency of government services,” he said.


The money for construction and energizing the system will never be recovered….. Ever.

I was in the Cable TV business doing the main trunk and feeder line work out in the neighborhoods for 20 years.  Run a few miles of cable and place the amplification and booster equipment – underground and/or aerial and it’s all new to the entire path for about three miles just for one or two customers to each pay about $100/month for service ?  Oh yeah, that’s cost-effective.  Tell ’em to get a dish and enjoy their viewing and internet service from 22,500 miles over their heads.

Here’s that last bit in plain language:  The government is mandating that participating companies and organizations spend this money that will NEVER be recovered in billing/service use to run fiber optic high-speed wire AND wireless networks to areas where the population is measured in the single-digits of people per square mile, not in tens and hundreds per square block.

Why ?

They’re leftists and statists.  It’s about command and control of every single aspect of every single person’s life in every single city town and country lane in America.

With this broadband decree, the 1st and 4th Amendments (Hell, the entire Constitution and Bill Of Rights) are on ice thinner than the plot lines of adult films.

I’m praying that as citizens, we NEVER need to invoke some very special sections of The Constitution and Bill Of Rights to preserve those documents and The Republic itself.

But just in case, I humbly suggest investing a bit of your money and time in acquiring some precious metals – A specific combination of brass, lead and other materials, plus their implements of employ. I’d do it fairly quickly too.

I’ve said enough for a month of Sundays.  Apologies if you read through this entire thing and your only thought is that you’ll never get that time-spent back in your life to worry about something that may or may not have been crossed out or painted over on a former Governor’s hat, or if some overweight guy who hates The Constitution will ever not hate The Constitution.

Kenny Solomon
Locked and loaded hot, safeties off.