Video - Jimmy Carter lets loose on Southern Baptists and Catholics. Says they're to blame for abuse of women.

Last week, I posted about something called ‘The Parliament Of World Religions’ – They’re one-world-government Totalitarians and also the “Coexist” people.  Nobody seemed to care…. anywhere…. not just here at RS.

No worries….. ever.  I don’t have an ego to salve.  I just make some vague attempt at bringing attention to things going on outside of our nation that may have a direct effect on us all.

Well, to make today complete for you, earlier this evening about the same time Jim Hoft over at Gateway saw the video clip and got things moving at his place, a friend of mine called that he stumbled on to the same uploaded video address by one Mr. James Carter to The Parliament Of World Religions from the Friday session.

If you can handle watching the person who’s just recently given up the title of ‘Worst-Ever US President’, here’s the video link……….


A few of the other videos posted from that gathering hold some dangerously insane brainwashing at best…… and the organization is proud of it all.


I’m still in too good of a mood to comment the way I know this deserves.  I made a great dinner, even made ice cream (yeah, I can do that real good-like), I even got to kick back and actually relax for the past few hours.

So for now, I’ll twist the baseball phrase a bit: ‘It’s just Jimmy being Jimmy’.

Maybe I’ll get mad later.

OK, it’s later.

Sodding wanker.

Mr. Carter, TFWPE*, must be an Arsenal Gunner’s supporter, because logical people don’t support scum on the pitch, or think and say things like he did about other human beings.

Awwwww, I shouldn’t be sore. After all, he didn’t blame us Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos.


* TFWPE – The Former Worst President Ever.  (I claim copyright and trademark on the title !)

Cheers !

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