Google is upping the ante....... Google Earth on steroids.

I hear some great music, but with slightly different lyrics…………

Come spy with me, let’s spy, lets spy away.


Google wants to help watch over world’s forests.


Google on Thursday unveiled a tool that lets scientists and defenders of the environment use the Internet to keep an eye on what is left of the Earth’s forests.

“We hope this technology will help stop the destruction of the world’s rapidly-disappearing forests,” Rebecca Moore and Amy Luers of the US Internet giant’s philanthropic arm Google.org said in a blog post.


Replace the word ‘forests’ with the word ‘neighborhoods’…… maybe the words “private businesses”…….. how about the term “tea party gathering” ?

Kenny…… Are you being paranoid again ?

No, I’m not being paranoid. I’m also somewhat slightly aware of the atmosphere and ideas within the current administration regarding dissent of any kind at any level…..and that the main Google guy is in the administration as the info-tech-gizmo-dweeb.

C’mon Kenny, take off the tin-foil hat.

I’m not wearin’ it.  I also don’t trust the one-world government folks at Google as far as I can throw ’em…..and what the heck is that nonsense in the article saying “The forest-tracking system is being tested by a small group of Google partners and will be made available as a not-for-profit service, according to Moore and Luers.”

Not-for-profit ? That’s a good thing.

Schmuck ! This is a public-availability spy program in it’s infancy, open viewing like Google Earth with live video, zoom-in capability to see (in the “forests” scenario) the hand-written “don’t cut me down” sign on a single tree…… Isn’t it obvious where this system and it’s use is headed ?

Hey, there’s a Winter Solstice sale on flat-panels at the mall. I gotta get there.

Where the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you going ?!?……. Doesn’t anybody care about freedom and liberty anymore ?

It’s for the childrennnnnnnnn………….. !


Kenneth L Solomon
Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan.