It's not all about "him" and needs to stop being that way.


It’s the people surrounding and those owning our Dictator In Training Pants who are doing some real damage, some of it possibly irreversible for decades.

They’re the one’s doing the deeds under the cover of semi-anonymous, non-transparent offices and he’s on camera with his binkey flanking him at all turns (TOTUS), most of the time in a total campaign mode.

They’re the one’s regulating, nudging and sometimes shoving the anti-freedom insanity, he’s out there apologizing for everything that’s amazing and good about America, her freedom and people…. while the media spins it all to seem so benign and flowery.

They’re the one’s actively operating as if The Constitution doesn’t exist, while he’s off on a date-night distraction and winning an award for doing nothing.

They’re the one’s constantly demanding complete subjugation of an already complicit and compliant media.  He puts on the face of ‘hey, I believe in the 1st Amendment’.

Congress is becoming increasingly irrelevant, forcibly being side-stepped by regulations and administration officials uncaring about their boundaries while he’s performing the slight-of-hand going off on a totally different topic, creating a new item of concern.

Overwhelm the system.

Make the proper and just the immoral and evil.

What’s your tipping point ?

Kenny Solomon
Senior Expediter
The 72 Virgins Club Travel Agency
Offices throughout the 57 states of America.

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