FEMA chief suggests buying disaster supplies to give as Christmas gifts...... Really.

An interview with a foreign news agency……. Of course it’s a foreign news agency.

To me, the most surprising thing is FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate actually says the word “Christmas” – more than once too – and still has a job in the current administration.

Thus endeth the snarkified commentary portion of our program.

Now for the ‘news item’ itself, then a very serious formerly tin-foil-hat thought pattern………….


Imagine tearing open that large present under the Christmas tree with your name on it and finding inside… a fire extinguisher.

Or a foldable ladder.

Or a smoke alarm in that smaller box.

Those, plus a home disaster kit including food, water and prescription medications for 72 hours, or a first aid certification course are just some of the gifts that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is suggesting Americans give their loved ones this holiday season.

“Giving a gift of a fire extinguisher might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but for the guy who has everything, it might be perfect,” FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told AFP.


Have you figured out my very serious formerly tin-foil-hat thought pattern yet ?

No ?

The timing of this interview is really interesting….   In other words, ‘why now’ ?   Why not when the new administration took over, FEMA issues something as a reminder to people that it’s a good idea to have a plan in case an event happens where they live ?

The Left does nothing without a plan – nothing – and their plans usually have layers and contingencies on top of layers and contingencies.

So, I rang up Los Guberminto and had an interview follow-up conversation.  For privacy concerns of the interviewed (you’d recognize the verbal/speech pattern), only my part of the follow-up is shown:


Thank you for taking the time for a follow-up from the Agence France-Presse interview…… In the matter of the bossfella asking everyone to buy disaster supplies and give them as Christmas gifts, what are you expecting ?

I mean something like another Katrina in N’Orleans or somewhere else ?

No?  then maybe the current Midwest blizzard is what spurred your interview with a foreign news agency that almost nobody in The USA reads ?

No again, eh…… Could it be an pending earthquake out West ?…. The subterranean geo-forecasting systems are becoming quite proficient.

What’s that ?  I’m not sure I heard you correctly.

Are you serious ?!?

You couldn’t possibly be considering some sort of man-caused disaster occurring.  After all, The Bower-In-Chief worked his magic on his masters…… er….. um….. other heads of state……. so we don’t ever have to worry about that.  At least that’s what the media says.

OK, so you’re not talking about the arse-up-five-times-per-day folks….. Well, that’s interesting, because the peace-lovers are swearing up and down that they’re coming to get us – all of us.  That means you and everyone else in DC and especially Los Casa Blanca (except maybe for “him”).  Anyway, back to the topic at hand:  What’s this ‘go get stuff’ interview with a foreign news agency all about ?

WHAT ?!?  You’re joking, right ?

No ?!?

Wait a second……… I get it now…….. You’re all terrified-to-the-bone of typical bitter God-clinging gun owners saying enough is enough and invoking all the power of The Constitution and Bill Of Rights….. So you have to nationalize and/or over-the-top regulate without legislaiton everything that maters to GDP, then completely collapse the nation – economy and society – causing massive civil uprisings so you can suspend The Constitution and Bill Of Rights….. all before November 2010.

I’m right ?

Really ?

Wow.  Thanks for the candid interview.  You’re really a stand-up kind of person.  No wonder you’re one of the…… Oh, I can’t say that in public.  Right.  Sorry I forgot.

What’s that ?

Oh really ?….. He did get in a bit of trouble for saying “Christmas”…. Thought that would happen.  Anyway, I gotta go call a friend about a bet.  Thanks for your time and I’ll talk to you again soon.  Cheers !


How close am I to the reality unfolding daily in front of you ?

Kenny Solomon
Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan.