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For starters, here’s what I hinted at earlier today as part of a comment you probably didn’t see……

The Parliament Of World Religions.

Melbourne Australia played host to this lovely little gathering of individuals and organizations.



If you didn’t know already, this organization is home base for the “Coexist” people.


The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association.


The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association(CMSA) is a chartered organization within the United States House of Representatives, established in 2006.   CMSA is a non-dues paying membership association open to any Congressional employee who defines his- or herself as “Muslim”, regardless of their race, gender, school of thought, personal level of “religiosity”, and country of origin.   Members can be employees of any office, committee, or department within the House of Representatives, Senate, Library of Congress, Congressional Budget Office, Congressional Research Service, and the Capitol Hill Police Department.   Any Muslim Congressional employee is considered a CMSA member regardless of their level of participation or the degree that they publicly identify themselves as “Muslim”.


I should offer original commentary, but I won’t.  I’m not in the mood.  Instead, I’ll let Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs do it for me.



Philippines imposes martial law in massacre region.


Members of a powerful Muslim clan rounded up after the Philippines imposed martial law in their provincial stronghold will be charged with rebellion, the government said Sunday.

The Philippines on Saturday announced the imposition of martial law in the southern province of Maguindnanao, to quell a rebellion by a powerful clan accused of being behind the massacre of 57 people.

The rebellion charges would be on top of murder cases being prepared against them over the November 23 massacre, Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera said.

“We did not see them plotting against the government, we saw the deed done. They have usurped power from the government there,” Devanadera told DZBB radio.


If you rely on only the US media for information, I’ll bet dollars to donuts you have no idea what this is about.


Hamas is being armed by Russia.

That’s not news.  It’s been going on for years.


Hamas attacks Israel with Russian-made S5K Anti-Tank Missiles.

That’s the news.  It’s been going on for less than a day.

Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza escalated attacks against Israel Sunday and fired Russian-made anti-tank missiles for the first time. The missiles exploded in the fields of Kibbutz Alumim, adjacent to the separation fence, and no injuries or damage was reported.

The advanced missiles were of the type usually fired from helicopters, and they carry a larger payload and have a longer range than anti-tank missiles that previously have been used in attacks against Israel.

The S5K air-to-ground missiles are commonly used by terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they are less accurate when fired from the ground.


Coexist……. right ?


Athens Greece is on fire again.


Police clashed with hooded demonstrators in central Athens yesterday as protesters marked the first anniversary of a teenager’s fatal shooting that triggered riots in the city a year ago.

The anniversary was a test of resolve for Greece’s two-month-old socialist Government which, unlike its conservative predecessor, has ordered the police to take a zero-tolerance stand.


According to the article, it took more than 6,500 police officers to control the crowd.

Athens Greece has that many cops ?


Courtesy of Mr. Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch……….

Obama adviser to McChrystal on defeating the Taliban: “Is that really what you think your mission is ?”


Taken from The Washington Post article linked on the Jihad Watch page……..:


In June, McChrystal noted, he had arrived in Afghanistan and set about fulfilling his assignment. His lean face, hovering on the screen at the end of the table, was replaced by a mission statement on a slide: “Defeat the Taliban. Secure the Population.”

“Is that really what you think your mission is?” one of those in the Situation Room asked.

On the face of it, it was impossible — the Taliban were part of the fabric of the Pashtun belt of southern Afghanistan, culturally if not ideologically supported by a significant part of the population. “We don’t need to do that,” Gates said, according to a participant. “That’s an open-ended, forever commitment.”


Um…… er….. ah…… I get it now !

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Obama Motors giving control of joint venture to China.


US auto giant General Motors has reached a deal to hand control of its joint venture with China’s SAIC Motor Corp to the Shanghai-based car maker, the New York Times said.

The company’s board of directors were to meet next Wednesday to discuss the planned restructuring, SAIC said in a statement to the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Hmmmmm……. I wonder what The UAW will do for the Chinese workers.  Maybe they’ll get SEIU to help them.

“Give us the company, or give us back all the money we invested in America.”


Last week, Lt. Col. Allen West (Cand. FL-22) was in Israel (along with some others including my friend Joyce Kaufman – South Florida radio host).

Col. West was on the radio there a few days ago……. Give a listen if you have the time……..


In an eye-opening interview, Lieutenant Colonel West (ret.), US commander in both Afghanistan and Iraq wars, harshly criticized the US administration’s handling of the “War on Terror.” Moreover, West, who is a candidate for US Congressional seat in Florida, insists that Israel has no choice but to unilaterally destroy Iran’s nuclear program.


Works for me.


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