Your first Thanksgiving weekend news dump.


My computer died last night – Joy. Going out tomorrow (Double Joy) and get a new laptop.

So that means for the time being, I’m limited to my Crackberry. Apologies for the links probably not being active. You know what to do: Highlight ’em and c/p to a browser for lookin’ in on ’em.


Dubai debt default


Global stock markets tumbled Thursday on mounting anxiety over a debt default request by Dubai and tighter lending conditions in China, analysts said.


US Dollar at 14-year low


The dollar slumped to a 14-year low point against the yen on Thursday, prompting fears that a further surge could hurt a fragile recovery in Japan, the world’s second largest economy.


Somali Muslim Terrorist Pirates paid $3.7 million ransom for Greek ship.


Somali pirates said on Thursday they had released a Greek cargo vessel and its Ukrainian crew after a payment of $US3.7 million ($A3.97 million) more than six months after it was captured in the Indian Ocean.


Muslims attack multiple Christian sites in Iraq


A spate of attacks in Iraq killed five people and struck a church and a convent on Thursday, with one bomb at a busy market claiming two lives as shoppers stocked up for a Muslim feast and holiday.


…….and it’s not even Noon Eastern on the first day of a long weekend.

Kenny Solomon
With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Happy Thanksgiving !