Microsoft, News Corp And Google.......... Oh My !

Sumptin’ am be a-smellin’ here…….. ‘n dat sumptin am be up ‘n screamin’ quite the loudness that there’s mountains of money, a plethora of power and stacking statistics wherever they are found to shape thought.


News Corp, Microsoft Hold Talks On Google.

Microsoft has held talks with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp over a possible plan for the software giant to pay the media company to remove its news websites from Google, a report said Monday.

The plan sets a scene for a battle between search engines for access to websites, and puts pressure on search juggernaut Google to start paying for content, the Financial Times said.

My initial instinct is to say: “Why would an uber-politically correct entity like Microsoft want to pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (owner of Fox News) to de-list itself from a leftist-owned search engine used world-wide by an overwhelming majority of the planet’s computer and wireless device owners ?

Can’t be just to bump up their own search engine, can it ?  Could it be  that “somebody” is looking to limit global access to News Corp (owner of Fox News) and it’s many outlets’ fair and balanced reportage ?

Naaaaaah, nobody could ever think like that nowadays, especially when…….. Hold on a second, I need to adjust the new tin-foil hat…… It beeped three times, then moved a bit when I typed that last sentence.

Where was I……. Oh yeah……………

(More from the article)  “This is all about Microsoft hurting Google’s margin,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

However the biggest beneficiary of the tussle could be the newspaper industry which has yet to construct a reliable online business model to replace declining newspaper circulation and print advertising revenues.

Ahhhhh, the ever-popular unnamed source has popped it’s head above sea level…… Watch out for the rising oceans, unnamed source…… remember the climate change.

Oops, there’s that triple beep and hat shift again.

Anyway, I’m quite positive there’s nothing nefarious whatsoever in play here……. Just a simple business arrangement, that’s all.

Yeah, that’s the ticket… I ahhhhhhhh…. invented simple business deals…… yeah.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
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