The Catholic Church is a tad miffed at Congressman Patrick Kennedy.

Congressman Kennedy:  No soup communion for you !


Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI-1) Barred From Receiving Communion.

The nephew of former president John F. Kennedy, a US legislator, has been barred from receiving communion at his Catholic church due to his support for abortion rights, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

US Representative Patrick Kennedy, son of the late senator Edward Kennedy, was told of the move by Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin, according to The Providence Journal newspaper in the US state of Rhode Island.


A call was placed to the late Senator Ted Kennedy for comment and answered by St. Peter’s administrative assistant, who offered the following:  “The Senator is not here”, she then mumbled something about “downstairs” and disconnected the call.

Payback’s a serious beeee-yatch from up on high, isn’t it ?…….. and they’re still the Kennedy’s, thinking they’re owed everything solely because they’re the Kennedy’s.

Attention needs to be focused towards Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s sponsored legislation and/or his amendments to bills going forward.  You can bet there will be some very interesting items included vis-a-vie the Catholic Church and religion in general – my guess goes to tax statutes.

If Bishop Tobin indulges in any earthly pleasures such as cigars, it would be my honor to send him a box of his favs.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
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