While Oprah Was Announcing She's Leaving TV, Here's Some Things You May Have Missed.......

So…… Opry Windbag is gonna git on down the road a piece.

That’s news ?

Maybe it’s news to the ‘muumuu-wearing, eating-cake-frosting-right-out-of-the-container’ crowd, but for me, the following items are a tad more realistically described as news.


Elected:  New President Of Europe & Foreign Minister.


The European Union has elected Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy as President Of Europe and The UK’s Baroness Catherine Ashton has been chosen for the post of Foreign Policy Minister.

Actual foreign policy experience for both ?
Ummmm……… ‘Bout the same as our beloved Dictator-In-Training-Pants.

Twenty-Seven formerly sovereign nations are now being led by two people who’s political prowess and power may add up to the end-result of Gilligan and Ginger performing neurosurgery.


Hamas: ‘Israel Won’t Go to War Again’


Israel will not go to war again, according to the Hamas terrorist organization, which claims the recent United Nations Goldstone Report has legally bound the IDF.

The report by retired South African Judge Richard Goldstone claimed that Israel was guilty of war crimes, and possibly even crimes against humanity during last winter’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Goldstone led a fact-finding mission to Gaza following the war that Israel maintained was biased from the outset.

Hamas “Interior Minister” Fathi Hamad told reporters at a news conference on Saturday that the report, which was endorsed recently by the United Nations General Assembly, will prevent Israel from launching any more military operations in Gaza.


Hey Hamas:  Pop off a few sets of rockets every day for a week and have some squads of terrorists peace-loving martyr-types run some ops…. then see how fast “Israel won’t go to war again”.


Nicaragua might be gettin’ a bit antsy.

Thousands throng rival Nicaraguan rallies, Ortega backers mass.


Thousands of pro- and anti-government protesters took to the streets of Nicaragua’s capital Saturday, protesting and backing President Daniel Ortega’s bid to remain in power.

Chanting “Democracy yes, dictatorship no!” Ortega opponents numbered at 50,000 by organizers marched peacefully in Managua against his controversial re-election plans, even as thousands of the president’s supporters gathered for their own demonstration.

Security was heavy in the capital following provocative gestures earlier in the week by both sides which suggested there could be clashes between the two demonstrating groups when they march in the city.


C.A.I.R. Threatens Maine School To Force Muslim Pray Time.


A national Muslim civil rights organization has filed a formal request with the Lewiston School Department to allow a middle school student to pray on school property.  The group also wants Lewiston to modify existing policy and provide “constitutionally protected religious accommodation,” such as a designated prayer room.

Ummm………. Yeah……. OK……. Nothing else like dropping all Christian and Jewish holidays yet ?  You sure this is all ?

Ahhhh……. I’ll quit it with the Muslims.


No I won’t.

The ongoing experiences of Ms. Rifqa Bary……..


God help this girl, because our government and legal system is not…… at all levels.

Pamela Geller and a group of truly good people can only do so much.


The UK’s National Suicide Continues Unabated……………

Immigrants who don’t understand English have been able to buy language certificates that give them the right to settle in Britain.


An investigation by The Sunday Times has found that staff at English language colleges in London and Birmingham have been offering migrants who speak little or no English Home Office-regulated English and Citizenship certificates for £250 each. Tests are rigged to allow almost anyone to pass.


The Personal Democracy Forum

Really…… That’s what it’s called.


The Internet can be a powerful medium for politicians to get their message across but it is also a vital means for civilians to have a say in what politicians do, participants in a political technology conference said Saturday.

Speakers at the Personal Democracy Forum in Barcelona highlighted President Barack Obama’s election as an example of how the Internet was affecting politics.

“It’s safe to say that Obama would not be president today if it had not been for the Internet,” said Scott Heifferman, co-founder of hugely successful U.S.-based Meetup Internet platform, which enables people to organize in local community groups.


Mr. Heifferman, it’s safe to say that Obama would not be president today if it had not been for idiocy.



US President Barack Obama said Thursday he would send US envoy Stephen Bosworth to North Korea for direct talks on December 8, naming a date for the mission for the first time, during a visit to Seoul.

“We will be sending Ambassador Bosworth to North Korea on December 8 to engage in direct talks with the North Koreans,” Obama told reporters after talks with South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak.

I thought Ambassador Bosworth was going to North Korea on December 8th to engage in direct talks with a rainbow-painted unicorn that lives on a cloud of faerie dust.  Don’t tell me he’s actually going to speak to real Norks who just might force him to bow deeply 50 times before taking him prisoner for spying ?!?


I’m done for now.  Updates and additions as warranted.

Cheers !

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