Florida Unemployment Insurance Tax to businesses increasing by 1,200 %.

Link activated and diary expanded while having some amazing Jambalaya for dinner.
(Yes, I made it.)


Oh yeah, this is gonna work.

Real good idea to raise taxes 1,200% on the very people who actually generate employment.  Talk about an economic death spiral ever-tightening and increasing in velocity.


Should have titled this “How to destroy a state’s economy in one easy lesson.”

The company I work for is small – there’s 12 employees, including the owner.

Last week, we were 20 on staff.

I work for a contractor to The Broward County School Board and Palm Beach County School Board (we handle the surveillance systems and access controls).   We’ve already lost about half the staff to a layoff….. that was last week….. before this insanity reared it’s head.

My boss was out of the office all day and didn’t know about the tax increase until I told him this afternoon.  He thought I was kidding….. but only for about two or three seconds.

I wonder how many of us will be left when this takes effect…….. if the company still exists.

Thank you Charlie Crist and the rest of the State Legislature for screwing the pooch on just about every aspect of the Florida financial world.

Things are gonna get a might ugly down here.

Anybody need a heavily experienced surveillance system technician ?…….  Texas ?…….  Anybody ?

Kenny Solomon
What’s your tipping point, America ?