Irish Jihadist - Former Altar Boy, Father, Husband, Born In Dublin - Now In Pakistan Preparing For Jihad.


An Irish jihadist living in Pakistan’s Swat valley says he is preparing to wage war against British and allied troops in Afghanistan.

Khalid Kelly, a former altar boy from the Liberties area of Dublin who used to be known as Terry, told The Sunday Times he is undergoing weapons training in Pakistan’s mountainous tribal region in order to fight jihad against the enemies of Islam. His dream is to face a British soldier in combat, although he would “settle” for an American, he said.


In a meeting in one of the city’s parks last month he told The Sunday Times that he had a “divine calling” to kill. “I would feel good because you are killing for God. I have practised enough mentally to know that when my time comes I’ll be ready. I pray every night for bravery,” he said.

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Looks like a new Irish national dinner menu is on the horizon.

Corned Beef & Damage.
Irish Blow-Up Bread.
And a wee taste of Whiskey… Tango Foxtrot !

So let me get this straight……

Someone from The UK actually meets and interviews this traitor…. and claiming some sort of press cover (or maybe even agreeing with his agenda), doesn’t forward the location to any military authority ?  (At this point, just take out the entire Swat Valley and save the planet some real trouble down the road.)

I can’t imagine what could happen if there would be anyone like this guy in our military here in the US, or even one reporter like that in our media….. Oh, wait………

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