Well, well, well..... Whadda we dun gots us ovah heah ?

While y’all are busy goin’ back ‘n forth with some definitely interesting things, our one world is careening headlong into…… well…… one world.

Where to start….. where to start………………. Ahhhhh, here we go:

Netherlands:  ALL vehicles mandated to have GPS installed.  Big Brother is alive and well.


Dutch drivers will pay less to buy a car but will be charged tax on every mile on the road, a system the government says will reduce traffic jams, fatal accidents and carbon emissions.

The Cabinet approved a bill Friday calling for drivers of an average passenger car to pay a base rate of euro0.03 per 1 kilometer (7 US cents per mile), beginning in 2012. Drivers of heavier, more polluting vehicles will pay more, and the cost will go up for driving in peak hours.

GPS will track the time, hour and place each car moves and send the data to a billing agency.
— — — — — —

“……the government says will reduce traffic jams, fatal accidents and carbon emissions.”

Think it’s funny, eh ?  Can’t happen here, eh ?
If you have a vehicle with OnStar, you can be tracked RIGHT NOW and it”l get done completely WITHOUT your knowledge or consent.

What do you mean by “Huh ?”

General Motors owns OnStar.

The US Government – as in The Obama Administration – owns and controls General Motors.

Do the math.

Ignore those pesky laws and that totally out of date Constitution thingy.

The obvious next step is tracking citizens by GPS “to reduce carbon emissions”.


World Cup Qualifying……. Egypt on their home pitch beats Algeria in a well-played match.  So of course……….


……due to the loss, Algerian Muslims in Marseilles France stage a riot.

I can’t comment…… Really….. I can’t……. I’m too busy wrapping my head in Duct Tape ™ for what’s coming next on the list.


Cigar and blue dress alert…………. Hide the wimmen-folk !

Bill Clinton: If Rabin Lived, We’d Have Reached Peace In 3 Years.


Former US president Bill Clinton said Saturday that “If Yitzchak [Rabin] had not been murdered, I believe we would have achieved peace in three years’ time, and created cooperation between Israel, Palestine and Lebanon.”

Clinton added: “In the past 14 years, not a single week has passed in which I did not think of Yitzchak Rabin, and missed him very much.”

— — — — — —

I’m kind of at a loss as to commentary here…….
………But I’ll try………

Mr. Clinton:

What part of “these Muslim theocratic murderers want every Jew dead and gone not from just Israel, but the entire planet” (and then they’ll start in earnest on Americans) don’t you understand ?

Mr. Rabin wouldn’t have mattered.  Ms. Meir wouldn’t have mattered.  Not even Charlton Heston parting the sea again would have mattered.

Y’all keep on talkin’, talkin’, talkin’ and when the merde encounters the ventilateur, you’d best stand back because real leaders will take charge and save your hide as well as freedom itself.

You won’t owe anybody anything, because the look on your face when you realize you’ve been wrong about everything forever will be payment enough for folks who stand on the wall.
Good day, Sir !


Have to get my fav news outlet in at least once on this diary……… (Australia’s ‘The Age’)

Australia will bring Algore’s madness into law this coming week.


Australia is likely to have an emissions trading scheme locked in by the end of next week, with the Government caving in to a key Coalition demand to permanently exclude the farming sector.

In a significant concession, and a huge win for the powerful farming lobby, a senior Government source revealed Labor will this week agree to exclude agriculture from the scheme ”indefinitely” – knocking out a key sticking point in negotiations with the Opposition.

— — — — — —

Bye-bye Australian economy and whatever freedoms their people had left………. They already basically can’t own guns except for farmers/ranchers and there’s a no-probable-cause search law in Western Australia.


Italian Foreign Minister:  Since there’s only one nation of Europe, then the nation of Europe needs only one Army.


Italy is to push for the creation of a European Army after the “new Europe” takes shape at this week’s crucial EU summit following the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty.

Franco Frattini, the Italian Foreign Minister, said that the Lisbon Treaty had established “that if some countries want to enter into reinforced co-operation between themselves they can do so”. This was already the case with the euro and the Schengen accords on frontier-free travel, and could now be applied to “common European defence”.

In an interview with The Times at his office in the monumental marble-halled Foreign Ministry on the banks of the Tiber, Mr Frattini said: “We have finally concluded a never-ending story”. The Lisbon Treaty, which comes into force in December, will be sealed on Thursday with an EU summit to choose an EU President and Foreign Minister.

— — — — — —

How long before some schmuck on the continent says they should go for a single Euro-police force with not even one on-the-street officer being armed (so they don’t offend anyone) ?

As an aside, I can’t wait to see the reaction when The UK is told they have to switch over from The Pound-Sterling to The Euro.  I give that deadline happening maybe a year from The Lisbon Treaty’s active date next month.


……and saving something very nice for last that’s happening in our own part of the world…………

Seattle Attorney Legally Licensed To Carry, Does So Into A ‘Victim Disarmament Zone’ – And Gives Advance Notice About It.
The Story……
The Video……

A Kent man who announced Friday that he intended to carry a pistol into a West Seattle community center to trigger a lawsuit challenging Seattle’s ban on guns in public spaces did just that Saturday, and was promptly asked to leave.

Bob Warden, 44, announced his intentions in an e-mail Friday morning to media as well as to the city of Seattle, including the police and city attorney.

On Saturday, Warden walked into the Southwest Community Center at 2801 SW Thistle Street with a Glock-27 .40-caliber sub-compact pistol under a black jacket in a holster strap over his left shoulder. Parks Department employee Lisa Harrison asked him to leave, and he did.

“I’m not here as a Second Amendment activist,” Warden said. “I’m here as a citizen who believes in the rule of law.”

— — — — — —

I can offer quite a selection in the way of documented national support for Mr. Warren and my own original and splendid commentary thereafter, but I’ll allow the following rather simple statement to convey the point:

“A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

I’m fairly certain that’s a sort of law or something.


Kind of.

I think.


Cheers for now !

Kenny Solomon
Got milk guns ?