Terrorist currently serving 5 life sentences in Israel to be new Palestinian Authority Chairman ?!?

At first read, I had to look more than once at the web address and page header…… Completely convinced I was at a re-direct and reading the revived National Lampoon or The Onion, I kept going….. Sadly, I concluded this is all too real…………..


A former militia leader serving five consecutive life sentences in an Israeli prison for a bombing in Tel Aviv has emerged as the likely successor to Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate Palestinian leader who plans to stand down.

Marwan Barghouti, a charismatic figure frequently described as ”the Palestinian Nelson Mandela”, was considering making a stand if presidential elections went ahead as scheduled for January, officials in the West Bank said.

The prospect of a prison cell campaign would delight many ordinary Palestinians as well a number of left-wing Israeli politicians.  But it could also please pragmatists in the Jewish state, who see Mr Barghouti as a vital element of the Middle East peace process who could unite Hamas and Fatah.


Nor is it certain that Mr Abbas will fulfill his pledge not to seek a second term.

Although he insisted his decision was no stunt, many observers suggested Mr Abbas was sending a pointed message to his ally, the United States, after the Obama Administration showed signs of aligning itself with Israel on the controversial issue of Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank.


Many observers see Mr Barghouti as playing a vital role in the peace process because of his potential to end the damaging divisions that have prevented Palestinians speaking with one voice.


…….Mr Abbas was sending a pointed message to his ally, the United States……” Oh yeah, ally is a good way to put it.   ‘Kindred spirit’ would be more like it.

That last bit though is the money line of the article and plan……. One voice alright……. Eliminate Israel and kill all Jews, then go after (what’s left of) The Great Satan.

What in the name of all that is Holy am I missing here ?
Except for a few people ‘on the wall’, I think the entire world is taking stooooopid pills.

Kenny Solomon
Islamic Extremists are NOT dangerous – They are peaceful, caring and loving, which is in direct violation of the Koran.
The problem is with the pious Muslims – Those who believe and act as the Koran requires.