Costco - I've canceled my membership - Why you may be interested.

Here’s what may be a bit of an eye-opener for you.  This became a tad longer than intended, but I always make the attempt to go through a process of confirmation and validating items before making decisions and sharing the results when needed.

Costco is now involved with former Vice-President Al Gore (and his becoming more apparent by the day), deceitful and dangerous one-world-government / carbon-credit scheme.

I’ve canceled my Costco membership and explained my reasoning in a very calm and nicely worded letter sent via overnight express (recipient-only signature required) to Costco’s CEO and will CC the same via e-mail to other Costco executives.


Here’s the “Costco Connections” I used if you’d care to “say hi” as well…… The following names and informational items are fully available within the Costco website.

Costco Wholesale
Mr. James Sinegal, CEO
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027-8990

Mr. Robert Nelson
Vice President, Financial Planning & Investor Relations
Phone: (425) 313-8255
Fax: (425) 313-6430
Email: investor @ costco.com

Membership / Marketing
Ms. Stephanie Bradley
Phone: (425) 313-2926
Email: sabradley @ costco.com

Community Relations / Charitable Donations
Ms. Muriel Cooper
Community Relations & Administration
Phone: (425) 313-6182
Email: MCooper @ costco.com

Page 2 through 4 of the following PDF link (2008 Proxy) show the current directors for Costco…… another interesting set of individuals involved with…… well, let’s just call them ‘slightly slanted entities’……..     http://media.corporate-ir.net/media_files/irol/83/83830/08_proxy_cost.PDF


Now then, just for laughs (and also because I instinctively knew what I was going to find), I looked around and Mr. Sinegal has made some interesting political donations over the past several years……….   http://www.newsmeat.com/ceo_political_donations/James_Sinegal.php


Thoughts to ponder for mere civilians who can’t think for themselves because of being mind-numbed robots who need Mr. Gore to hold their hands throughout life:

1.  What exactly does a ‘carbon credit’ provide a corporation or individual, as no goods or services are given in return (the good will is at best debatable) ?

2.  Who is the end recipient of the money changing hands to buy these ‘carbon credits’ ?  (Answer to this question:  The main recipient is a corporation who’s founder and CEO happens to be on the cover of the current Costco Connection magazine.  Add the investors and associates in this corporation as well and you’ve got the ‘wow’ factor quite nicely ).

3.  …….. and how does money changing hands for no goods or services in return to anyone do anything towards correcting a problem that doesn’t exist on the claimed level ?

4.  A single volcanic eruption about the size of what occurred with Mt. St. Helens sends more toxins and problematic material into the Earth’s atmosphere at once than all man-made emissions ever produced.

5.  When you really think on what’s involved, ‘carbon credit’ is just a new way to define ‘extortion’.


A corporation can do what it wants, as long as it’s legal.  Supporting Mr. Gore and his goals is a corporate choice Costco has made.

So is my dropping using their services and explaining why.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
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